Fred Keziah’s Flying Saucer Poster

I recently came across this post, Incredible 1957–58 Poster by Fred Keziah about the Phenomenon by Richard Geldreich, Jr., who has a Medium blog dedicated to UAP research.  (Apparently UAPs are what the cool kids are calling UFOs these days, but I prefer to refer to them as flying saucers as Professor George Adamski intended!) 


Keziah’s flying saucer poster courtesy of Logan from Planet Earth.

Shortly after coming across Richard’s blog, I contacted him and mentioned that I, as well, possessed an original copy of the fabled Keziah poster that at this very moment is hanging on the wall of my reclusive hipster writing room.

Richard had become aware of the Keziah poster from a fellow on Twitter named Logan, and in short order Richard and another fellow #ufotwitter traveler named Johnathan Milgie set about to digitally recreate this magnificent relic of yore from UFO lore.  

As it turned out, my copy of the Keziah poster, which is still in pretty good condition, is just what the (mad) doctor ordered, allowing Johnathan and Richard to complete the project after I sent them some additional photos.

Keziah Flying Saucer poster photographed at my reclusive hipster writing room.

I originally acquired my very own Fred Keziah poster from my good friend Greg Bishop, who (as I recall) gifted myself and some other friends copies of the poster at one of our fabled Kookout’s back in the 1990s. According to Greg, he had purchased a half dozen of so of these gems from Keziah himself during that period in the mid ‘90s.

As for Fred Keziah (who’s last name sounds like an old school flying saucer pilot), I found the following link at Kook Science, which gives us a glimpse of this magical man who was “an American cartoonist and animator who was featured in several magazines, including the Sunday Evening Post. He served in the U.S. Navy beginning in the 1940s, working for the Naval Photographic Center as a graphics producer on training materials.”

The Keziah Kook Science entry notes that he actually created 2 posters, or what is referred to as “Information Sheets, ” which included:

Visual Metaphysics No. 1: Flying Saucers (A242635, 2 July 1956) — “A graphic colored chart 22″ X 34″ picturing 228 drawings of saucer shapes, formations, maneuvers and spacepeople. Numerous listings of colors, sounds, speeds, sizes, etc.” Keziah acknowledged the Little Listening Post for “library research”.

Visual Metaphysics No. 2: Reincarnation (A286122, 28 May 1957) — “A chart depicting all aspects of Reincarnation, showing karmic relationships between lifetimes”

As noted in the Kook Science entry, our man Keziah gave up the ghost at the beginning of the New Year in 2010, and hopefully was reincarnated as a space captain from the planet Keziah who will return to visit us very  soon.

You can find the final digitized pdf version of Keziah’s  Visual Metaphysics No. 1: Flying Saucers at this link.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can find some AI generated art based on the Keziah poster here.

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