Space Ranger Gorightly Gets Letters!

Well, not actually letters (because people don’t really do those that much anymore), but I received an email just the other day concerning a post from a few years back entitled Phil Schneider and the Dulce Base Mythos. In said post, I shared a Phil Schneider FOIA that demonstrated how ol’ Phil did some truly nutty stuff concerning some radioactive material he got his hands on back in the day and how he was known to self-mutilate and…well, you can read all about it at the link above, which included excerpts from the Phil Schneider FOIA in question. Here is a link to the entire document.

Anyway, one of our beloved readers here at Chasing UFOs wanted to know if the Phil Schneider FOIA in question was actually the real deal…which of course it is, silly!

As for how we here at Chasing UFO hindquarters got our hands on this beauty, we were first alerted to its existence via that Joe from the Carolinas guy who had posted a video about the Schneider FOIA docs, and in fact it was Carolina Joe who originally obtained these files and was showing off excerpts of them in a video he produced in 2018 that once upon a time could be found at the following youtube link below that, alas, no longer seems to work. (Do better, Carolina Joe!)

Anyway, at the time this Carolina Joe video was up and running, our crack staff here at Chasing UFOs contacted him about getting our hands on these files and as I recall Carolina J. pretty much gave us the run around, said he would be releasing them in due time yada yada yada, and so we said fuck that noise and put our staff FOIA expert on the case, none other than Jack Brewer of the UFO Trail and Expanding Frontiers Research.

To this end, Jack was able to snap some screen shots of the Schneider docs that had been teased out on the Carolina Joe youtube vid, which Jack then forwarded to his FOIA dude at the FBI, and this was enough info to allow them to identify the document in question as “case file 117-HQ-2708, which was reviewed and released under FOIA case number 58396 on September 18, 2018.”

And that, my friends, is how FOIA magic is done!

Below are some of the startling screen shots from the Carolina Joe UFO show that we sent to the Feds!

3 thoughts on “Space Ranger Gorightly Gets Letters!

  1. Thanks so much for the update. Love your blog! I’m not much of an expert on how FOIA releases work but is there any way to look up this document in any online libraries? Or was this document only privately released to you guys?


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