The Bob Beck Collection

Bob Beck with fellow saucer enthusiast, Max Miller, at the Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention in the 1950s. (The Bob Beck Collection/Ape-X Research)

What initially inspired myself and collaborator Greg Bishop to co-author A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees was the discovery of The Beck Collection, a series of photos taken by a fellow (you guessed it) named Bob Beck.

In 1948, Robert “Bob” Beck (1925-2002), started a photographic-audiovisual firm, Color Control Color Laboratories Company, that designed special lighting techniques for a number of MGM productions like An American in Paris and Show Boat. In the 1960s, Beck was responsible for the groundbreaking special effects featured in Roger Corman’s psychedelic epic The Trip.

Somewhere along the way, Beck befriended George Van Tassel, attending several Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions where he photographed the UFO contactees in attendance, many of these photos which appear exclusively in A is for Adamski. Van Tassel’s work in “cellular rejuvenation” dovetailed with similar interests shared by Beck related to alternative health cures produced by electromagnetism. To this end, Beck was involved—at least in an advisory capacity—with the construction of Van Tassel’s Integratron.

The Bob Beck Collection scattered out across this humble author’s floor.

More recently—on podcasts and radio shows that cater to the conspiracy/Patriot/anti-NWO crowd—you’re liable to hear any number of advertisements touting electromagnetic health cures. Most of these devices—in one form or another—were originally developed by Bob Beck who, in turn, was influenced by the pioneering work of old school cutting-edge “crackpot” inventors like Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife and the ever popular Nikola Tesla.

In 1979, Beck launched Bek Tek, a company manufacturing “psychotronic medicine” machines, one of which was the Brain Tuner that wassaid to balance the electrical activity of the two hemispheres of the brain—and when that happens apparently all types of positive health benefits result. Beck incorporated his Brain Tuner and other techniques into what he later branded as the “Beck Protocol” that, among other things, could allegedly cure AIDS and other chronic illnesses through something known as “blood electrification.” It was through this protocol that Beck purportedly cured himself of cancer and grew back all the hair he had lost during chemotherapy!

In 1990, Beck developed the first colloidal silver ion generator for in-home use, which is another curative substance you can hear all about on Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and other internet used car salesmen who peddle such wares. One guy used so much colloidal silver…it actually turned his skin that color. Due to these and other endeavors, Beck claimed he was incarcerated “many times by orders of the FDA.”

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