Will Jima, We Hardly Knew Ye


Will Jima from the 1970’s UFO newsletter, UFO Folk

A fellow I’ve been fascinated with for quite some time is Will Jima, probably most well known (in a fifteen minutes of fame sort of way) for a twelve page pamphlet he authored entitled Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? that almost singlehandedly launched the Elvis Never Died Conspiracy.

According to this Elvis Never Died Conspiracy timeline at the Presley Assignment website, Jima’s seminal yet modest sized tome was published in 1977, a mere month after Elvis’s supposed death, and it seemingly spawned a cottage industry of other Elvis Is Alive imitators who continue to this day spreading the Gospel of The King that never died. The Presley Assignment refers to Jima “as a Tupelo based private investigator” and that Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?  was “So obscure, in fact, that it does not become part of the ‘is Elvis alive folklore’ although certainly appears to have been an inspiration and influence.”

Jima’s real name apparently was Alvis Howard according to this citation at Google Books. News clippings from the period state that he was a ship building executive based in Huntsville, Alabama, who quit his job to become a full time investigator of strange phenomena. Other reports state that he lived in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Jima was 41 in 1975, which would make him well into his 80s now, assuming he still roams the Earth.

While Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? was Jima’s major claim to fame, it certainly couldn’t be said that he was a one trick pony, as he had his hand in all manner of fun and frolic, including a three LP set released in the mid ‘70s dedicated to UFOs, pseudo biblical prophecy and the Devil’s Triangle, among other kooky things.

Jima also authored a book or pamphlet called Flying Saucers and Golden Ghettos that appears to be even more obscure than Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?, which was already obscure enough to begin with!


The first installment in Jima’s audio trilogy was UFO Message (1974) detailing his alleged encounter with ETs (who he calls “UFO People”) in November 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. It was on that momentous occasion that Jima had delivered unto him the aforementioned “UFO Message.”

Jima’s encounter apparently occurred at the same location as that of the Pascagoula “abductees” Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, a story detailed in the book UFO Contact at Pascagoula and more recently, Calvin Parker’s recollections of the event in Pascagoula–The Closest Encounter: My Story.


In UFO Contact at Pascagoula there’s a reference to a preacher selling records about “UFO’s and Demons” which some have speculated was Jima. However, according to my friend and Jima enthusiast Rob Mitchell—who turned me on to Jima’s recordings a few years back—the preacher mentioned in UFO Contact at Pascagoula  was actually Rev. Bill Riddick, who produced a startling LP called Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord? that features on its cover not one, but three Pascagoula Monsters!

What Saith

Rev. Bill Riddick’s LP, Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord?

According to Will Jima in UFO Message:

“The earth was originally settled over 100,000 years ago when inhabitants were brought here from another world in the universe. A civilization far more advanced than the one we have now flourish for thousands of years. This civilization was totally demolished when a nuclear explosion destroyed the planet that orbited Mars and Jupiter causing a cataclysmic upheaval upon the Earth. Continents were shifted, oceans and mountains were formed, the almost total geography of the earth was changed. According to the UFO people, by some unbelievable miracle, a few earth people survived. However, they were few in number and left with nothing but the raw elements to survive under. These small bands of earth people soon adapted to life in an almost animal state. They roamed the earth for thousands of years, until some ten thousand years ago, the UFO people returned to the earth. They had returned after the earth disaster, but had found no trace of the people who had survived and they had waited for the earth to stabilize before they returned to inhabit it again. They said the problem began when some of the UFO people who came back to inhabit the earth began to mix with the more animalistic inhabitants on earth who had survived the catastrophe. thus began the long period of struggle on earth between the mixed strain of inhabitants and the pure strain that came from outer space. The UFO People have kept a hands off attitude towards these opposing forces because they say universal law requires them to do so…”


Later in UFO Message, Jima talks about how he received a series of predictions from his ET robot friends:

“The UFO people said there will be a revelation soon which will have an astounding effect on America and will be the cause for turning America back on to the right path. They said this revelation will come out of the Watergate scandal, will concern former President John Kennedy’s assassination and the energy crisis. They would not reveal more than this, but said that it would occur prior to the two hundredth anniversary of the United States in 1976…. They said I would run a great risk in making all of this information public. However, they said, that although I would run into some great problems that it would be alright in the end. They said that the animalistic forces would go to any length to stop the truth from being told. They said that they did not normally make future events known even thought they had the ability to do so. But, to provide me protection, they would revel certain events that would happen in the future so that when this information was released and these events happened, that people of the world would know the truth. They said the animalistic forces could stop me but they could not stop the events from happening…they said nothing could every stop the truth!”

There’s more predictions on UFO Message which I won’t bother you with now because none of them came true anyway, but the long and short of it was that the UFO People are engaged in a battle against “animalistic forces” who, if I understand correctly, created the energy crisis that was a big deal back in the ‘70s for those of us old enough to remember waiting in gas lines at the time. Even though Jima never came flat out and said it, I get the vibe that the so-called “animalistic forces” he was referring to were probably “International Bankers.”

UFO Message includes of a lot of your garden variety classic UFO contactee themes of how we humans have screwed up our environment with atomic explosions and such, which also has apparently thrown the universe out of whack, and that if we don’t cease with our “animalistic” impulses and stop with all the nuclear testing, then they, the UFO People, will intervene and stop them for us. In fact, we have so befouled the planet that the UFO People sent robots in their stead to interact with us Earthlings because if the actual aliens came here they would soon after keel over due to all the toxins in the environment.

Apparently you couldn’t find Jima’s offerings in record stores. They were only available through the mail, and also were available on 8 track tapes—once again for those of you old enough to remember that ancient audio technology that was invented by gonzo ufologist John Lear’s father, William Lear.



Throughout UFO Message we are treated to the dulcet tones of Jima’s southern drawl, punctuated intermittently with what this reviewer at discogs.com referred  to as a “random generated synth sound (I’m certain it was just an ARP Odyssey with the sample and hold feature) that for some reason gets loud and then fades, and the gets loud again, sometimes at the most inopportune time (sometimes it gets so loud it almost drowns out his voice).”

In these recordings, Jima comes across like a cross between Hal Lindsay meets James Shelby Downard with a little bit of Southern preacher vibe thrown in on the side. In fact, when he starts getting revved up he sounds a bit like JC of Art Bell Coast to Coast AM fame.




Next in this stunning series of albums was Revelation 666 (1975), which features a biblical revelations-numerology trip that relates—according to Jima’s vision—to the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. I won’t even try to explain it further other than to say it all has to do with what the  Jima called “The Number 11 Vision.” You can listen to Revelation 666 here.


Jima’s third and final audio offering was The Secret Sea: Where are the Ships and Planes (1977), which I just posted to YouTube for your possible listening pleasure.



Back cover of Will Jima’s The Secret Sea

The news story below, from the back cover of The Secret Sea, givers a rundown of Jima’s UFO encounter, although if you look closely at the font in the article you’ll see that Jima altered his name—basically pasted his Will Jima handle over his real name, Alvis Howard. In this article, Jima states his UFO encounter occurred in October of 1973 as opposed to what he says on UFO Message that it occurred in November of that year. Jima also suggested on UFO Message that the ETs who visit Earth are robots, but in this news article Jima describes the ETs as having “finely chiseled features, their complexion was almond, their eyes were slanted and they stood around 5-feet-10” and wore “powdery-gray jumpsuits that had no seams.” The article goes on to state that the aliens “were built, in fact, like earth folk, the blonde [woman] rather more so, if you can correctly gauge Jima’s enthusiasm.” In other words, she was a hot alien babe.



100% Sane, 0% Crazy: The True, Amazing Story of the Man Who Couldn’t Stand Hypersexual Martians


Kyle Odom

On  March 6, 2016, Idaho state police launched a manhunt for 30 year old Kyle Odom, a fugitive in the shooting of Rev. Tim Remington, an Evangelical pastor at the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene. According to news reports, Odom ambushed Remington in the church’s parking lot, shooting the pastor in the head and back multiple times before high-tailing it from the scene.

Remington, who survived the shooting, had appeared the previous day with Senator Ted Cruz at an event hosted by the Cruz presidential campaign, which led to speculation that the shooting was politically motivated. As it turned out, a purely political motivation wasn’t actually the case. It had more to do with Martians, one of whom was the aforementioned Rev. Remington, at least according to Kyle Odom. Odom, a former Marine, apparently shot Rev. Remington on the grounds that he thought he “was part of a vast alien conspiracy to enslave the human race.”


Thumb drive containing Kyle Odom’s anti-Martian manifesto that was sent to an Idaho media outlet.

The same day of the shooting, Odom released a manifesto to the media which claimed that “Martians” had infiltrated Congress, and that he wasn’t going to let them get away with it! Odom’s manifesto included a list of “notable Martians” that was non-partisan, including both sides of the political aisle from Elizabeth Warren to Devin Nunes with a little bit of Mitch McConnell thrown in for good measure.


Needless to say, the Remington shooting launched a massive manhunt for Mr. Odom, who somehow eluded the Idaho law enforcement dragnet and made his way to our nation’s capital. On March 8, Odom drew the attention of Secret Service agents when he was caught tossing a thumb drive and some documents over the White House fence. Among these items was his aforementioned anti-Martin manifesto in addition to a personal letter to President Obama, who Odom apparently didn’t consider to be a Martian, and I guess was trying to enlist in his crusade to reveal the Martian menace threatening our nation.


Portrait of a Martian from Odom’s manifesto.

In short order, Secret Service agents detained Odom, and when they ran his name through a  law enforcement data base were alerted to an arrest warrant that had been issued for him on the attempted murder charge in Idaho two days before.

There’s certainly a lot to unpack in Odom’s anti-Martian manifesto, but it’s basically a sort of mini-bio epic of his life after leaving the Marines, and his subsequent encounters with hypersexual Martians.

Apparently everything went sideways for Odom after he entered  the University of Idaho in the spring of 2014. During his final semester that year, Odom was getting stressed out from a heavy study load and to mellow his mood he began practicing meditation. “It became part of my daily routine. As I learned more about meditation, I became interested in consciousness and our ability to affect it. I kept working on my meditation techniques and began achieving extreme states of consciousness.”

One night in February 2014, Odom was meditating when he had an out-of-body experience. “I entered a space that was completely dark and had no awareness of my physical boundaries/orientation…I felt very peaceful there until a blue light began to approach me. As the blue light got closer, I realized that it was another being.”

At first, Odom’s encounter with this being, or alien, seemed like a “blessing” but over time these meditative experiences turned into a “living hell” as he came to the realization that mind-controlling Martians were entering his meditative brain space for malevolent purposes.

This perceived harassment included text messages from the Altar Church, who were inviting him to attend their services, and when he did so, Odom picked up an extremely bad vibe there, and soon became convinced that the church people were actually hypersexual Martins in disguise, one of whom became his future target, Rev. Tim Remington. According to Odom’s manifesto:

“When I went to The Altar for the first time…they started playing with me sexually. Both the males and the females would play out their sexual fantasies in my mind. This came with random and uncontrollable erections as well as extreme anal stimulation… The harassment continued for weeks and intensified as time went on. I did my absolute best to maintain my sanity and tried to avoid them. This worked for a while, but eventually I had a huge meltdown. One day, I was in the bakery at Safeway when I got surrounded by a bunch of old men. Some of them looked at me and sniffed, so I knew it was them. They started stimulating my penis and anus simultaneously, then they spoke aggressively. They said: ‘Humans are nothing more than the result of a successful genetic experiment.’ The rest of the night they continually stimulated my penis and I couldn’t stop ejaculating. It got to the point where I was in serious pain… ”

At one point, Odom got so freaked out about all of this (and can you really blame him?) that he lit a charcoal grill in his car and rolled up the windows, hoping he would fall asleep and never wake up again, which most likely would have happened had the Martian not butted in. “They woke me up in an extreme panic, which caused me to get out of the car.”

After being treated for charcoal inhalation at a local hospital, Odom paid a return visit to the Altar Church, where he found himself face-to-face with his perceived nemesis, Rev. Remington. “We were in mid conversation when he suddenly revealed himself to me,” Odom wrote in his manifesto. “I have no clue how he did it, but it looked as if his human face became his real face. His eyes were huge and bulging, the eyelids were darker green, and the irises were yellow/brown with slit pupils.”

Oddly enough, Odom might have believed he was also a hypersexual Martian, or at least was turning into one. Around the time Odom was knee-deep in his anti-Martian mania, he changed his Facebook profile photo to the portrait of the very same Martian from his manifesto, as revealed in the Washington Post article entitled Idaho shooting suspect’s ‘hypersexual’ Martian Manifesto Is A Window Into An Unraveling Mind.


Kyle Odom’s Facebook profile, before and after.

At the time Odom’s story was making the rounds in 2016, my friend Richelle Hawks noticed how this photo of Odom, and the portrait of the Martian drawn by Odom, seemed so proportionally similar. Out of curiosity, Richelle decided to overlay the two images in Photoshop, and was quite surprised with the results. As Richelle noted:

“One of the weirdest things is that the overlay matched up exactly without having to do one bit of resizing as I assumed I would. The most remarkable thing I think, is the curve of the mouth being literally identical. But everything, really….

“I almost feel like someone else saw the resemblance and positioned the photos to draw attention to it. Of course in a regular news item, the poor dude could not very well do an overlay. It was just very blatant to me even at first glance.

“It’s very difficult normally to do any kind of overlays with faces or bodies because there is always a ton of matching up to do. Even if you were to take 2 photos of the same face, let alone even a drawing of a face and a photo of the same face. And then that this isn’t even supposed to be his same face. Basically, it seems impossible that they are even sized correctly. It might all be coincidence, but even that is kind of a weird part…”


Richelle Hawks’ overlay of Odom and the Martian.

Maria Graciette, The Astrological Countess


Marcia Graciette and her mystery box (Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)


A Los Angeles-based contactee with purported psychic powers, Maria Graciette billed herself as a countess and former Miss Portugal. A true renaissance lady of the new age, Graciette authored Astrology and Your Sex Life (1965) and recorded an LP called Astrology, Know the Language of the Stars.


As Graciette once informed The San Bernardino County Sun:

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve been able to see auras around people. When I was very young, my teacher gave me a mysterious box and told me never to lose it. I’ve had the box for a long, long time!

“I had always used it in my studio to store things. It was by accident that I discovered the mysterious power of the box. I had thrown some pictures in the box and when I took them out I could see auras around the figures in the image. I have always been able to see auras in photographs, but now it seems to me that it is much easier to read the auras in an image when it has been placed in the box…I do not know what it is, I cannot explain it but when I write a statement on a sheet of paper and put it in the box, the statement is always true.”

Graciette was a guest speaker at the 1966 Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention in addition to a number of other ’60s saucer happenings such as Daniel Fry’s Understanding Conventions. At the “Understandorama” in Harmony Grove, California, in November 1964, Graciette hosted a forum called “My experiences aboard a spaceship”—although I could find little in the way of specifics regarding Graciette’s purported UFO contactee experience.

Throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, Graciette made a series of psychic predictions that often found their way into the pages of The National Enquirer. Here are some tantalizing highlights:

*A UFO base, thousands of years old, would be found deep in the Mexican desert.

*Vice President Quayle, attending a World Series game, would impulsively interfere with a play.

*A meteorite would crash into the White House Rose Garden, placing President and Mrs. Bush at risk from radiation.

*Actor Tom Cruise would lose his hair due to a stress-related illness.

As for her title of Miss Portugal—and of being some sort of “Countess”—the excellent Mexican UFO website “Marcianitos Verdes” could find no evidence to back up these claims and suspected that Graciette  had constructed them out of whole cloth.


When Erika Bertschinger landed on her head


Erika Bertschinger aka Ureilla

In 1973, Erika Bertschinger fell off a horse and landed on her head, after which she realized she was the reincarnation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Not long after, Bertschinger began conversing with a whole host of disembodied beings, many of them biblical figures that included Jesus, who—it turns out—was an ET.

In 1980, Bertschinger changed her name to Ureilla and founded a religious order (or what some termed a cult) called Fiat Lux headquartered in Germany’s Black Forest.  Fiat Lux (Latin for “Let There Be Light”) subscribed to the belief that World War III would kick off in 1998 followed by a Nazi flying saucer invasion that would bring about Armageddon. While all this commotion was going on, Bertschinger and her bunch would be transported up by a “Big Beam” into an awaiting mothership as Earth was being cleansed of all human evil and afterwards restored to a pre-Adam and Eve paradise. After all was right again, the Fiat Luxers would then return to start over again—overseen, of course, by Jesus Christ, the ET.

Unfortunately—or at least unfortunately for Bertschinger’s bunch—Armageddon didn’t go down quite as planned, if you recall 1998, and shortly after Fiat Lux went underground, contemplating their next move on the world’s stage. Since then, Fiat Lux has experienced occasional run-ins with the law regarding tax evasion and the sale of medicinal elixirs containing alleged healing properties. Convinced that “www” equates to “666,” Fiat Lux does not maintain a website or email address, so if you want to find out more you’ll have to travel to Germany.

For more amazing stories such as this check out “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees.



Aura Rhanes at Giant Rock? (Not!)

flying 2

In Aboard A Flying Saucer (1954), Truman Bethurum recounted his amazing interactions with a beret wearing flying saucer captain named Aura Rhanes, who he described as “tops in shapeliness and beauty.”

Aura Rhanes

Aura Rhanes’ illustration by Carol Ann Rodriguez

Over a three month period starting in July of 1952, Aura visited Truman on eleven occasions, sometimes materializing in his bedroom much to the chagrin of Bethurum’s wife, Mary, who later cited the comely space captain in her divorce petition.


Truman Bethurum

Bethurum enjoyed another shot at marital bliss in 1960, although unfortunately it wasn’t with shapely Aura, but a weathered old gal named Alvira Roberts, their nuptials taking place on the podium of that year’s Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention.


Truman and Elvira at the 1960 Giant Rock Convention (Credit: Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

A couple months back my pal Tim Beckley asked my thoughts about a purported photo circulating on social media that certain people were claiming was an honest-to-Orthon photo of Aura Rhanes herself at Giant Rock! All of this was news to me, and when I finally got a gander of said photo I recognized it immediately as one among a series of photos that originated from the Bob Beck Collection, many of which appear exclusively in “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees available now from an internet bookseller near you. (Supplies limited!)

Below is the photo in question purported to be Aura Rhanes wearing smoking hot black tights (sans beret) in the company of Long John Nebel and another fellow who I suppose could be Valiant Thor of Stranger at the Pentagon fame.


Mystery photo of Aura Rhanes at Giant Rock? (Credit: Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

Not to rain on anyone’s facebook parade, but no, folks, the above isn’t a photo of Aura Rhanes, although I commend the creativity of whoever floated this social media meme-rumor. Those humans actually pictured in said photo are (left to right) Cortland Hastings, Evelyn E. Smith and Long John Nebel.

I have no idea who Cortland Hastings was, and of course we all should know who Long John Nebel was. As for the lady purported to be Aura Rhanes, that was actually Evelyn E. Smith, the author of a number of science fiction and mystery novels, and whose work occasionally appeared in the science fiction pulps of the period, as shown below.


Below is further documentation that Evelyn Smith was who I said she was, courtesy of the May 27, 1957 edition of Life Magazine with a feature on the Giant Rock Interplanetary Spaceship Convention and a photo of Smith (not Aura!)  described as “The Queen of Space”!


Now you know the rest of the story!

Andy Sinatra, The Mystic Barber


Andy Sinatra appearing on Long John Nebel’s Party Line

No relation to Frank Sinatra (or at least none that Frank was ever willing to admit!), Andy Sinatra (aka “The Mystic Barber” aka “The Mystical Tonsorial Artist from Brooklyn”) claimed that at the tender age of one he underwent a medical procedure that led to his oh so young death. “It was a wonderful experience,” Sinatra later remarked to a captive reporter from the Fort Scott Tribune. “As they were getting ready to bury me I suddenly came back to life. And from that moment on I knew that I was different!” And oh, how different he was!


Originally from Mars, Sinatra at some point was psychically transported to Earth where he came to inhabit the body of an Italian barber from Brooklyn. However—as Sinatra was quick to point out—his present appearance was quite different from that of the average Martian that stood four feet tall and was covered with white hair and reproductive organs on their heads.

Andy Sinatra with female admierers

Mr. Sinatra surrounded by his many female admirers

Sinatra—an occasional guest on Long John Nebel’s Party Line—claimed he had astrally traveled to the moon, Mars, and the center of the Earth and was famous for adorning his head with what he called a “psychic machine” consisting of a metal band that wrapped around his head. Not only did Sinatra’s headgear function as a telepathic device, it was also a way to prevent malevolent space people from reading his thoughts, sort of an early version of your classic tin foil hat.


Over time, Sinatra’s psychic headgear evolved into a grander version of its original primitive design and featured a beanie topped with something resembling a bazooka. This is the version Sinatra wore on February 4th, 1962, when—with the assistance of an “invisible army of Martians”—he saved the United Nations from destruction (from evil aliens!) by performing a mystical ritual before a group of curious onlookers who wondered who the hell this guy was with the crazy bazooka beanie.


The Mystic Barber at the U.N.

The Mystic Barber’s greatest claim to fame came on September 10th, 1962, when he attempted to make contact with flying saucers on a live broadcast of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. According to Jim Moseley, Sinatra got stiffed for his $100 appearance fee because Sinatra’s performance was “incoherent.”

For more marvelous space age tales such as this, you’d be advised to pick up a copy of “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees.




Lee Crandall, The First Human To Ever Visit Venus!


Lee Crandall

Southern California native Lee Crandall was the first human ever to visit Venus…according to Lee Crandall. This momentous occasion occurred on August 31st, 1954, when he was treated to the requisite spaceship trip…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Crandall’s outstanding Venusian adventure began one summer day in sunny L.A. (June 10th, 1954 to be exact) as he was hurrying to catch a bus and bumped into a tall man in a brown suit. Crandall profusely apologized to the brown-suited fellow who then proceeded to vanished into thin air.

Crandall’s next encounter with the incredible disappearing man occurred on June 30th   when to his “utter amazement there in the doorway stood the tall man in brown.  For at least three minutes, he stood there, smiling, then turned at an angle and with a faint whizz sound, vanish again from my sight. By now I began to doubt my own sanity!”

A couple weeks later, the brown suited fellow materialized at Crandall’s workplace and this time actually said something: “Mr. Crandall, I’d like to talk to you outside.” The gist of the conversation was that he—the brown suited mystery man—wanted to be Crandall’s friend. Oh, and incidentally, he was from Venus. When Crandall displayed disbelief, the alleged Venusian stated, “Believe me it is so, and trust in my friendship.” With those words, another vanishing act occurred.

On August 17th, Crandall was awakened in the middle of the night by his doorbell. When he asked who the hell it was calling at such an ungodly hour, a calm, mellow voice replied: “This is your friend, Lee.” Crandall opened the door to discover another similarly brown suited stranger—a handsome fellow around thirty five years of age named Brother Bocco—who explained that he’d come on behalf of Brother Taho (the other brown suited disappearing guy.)  Bocco informed Crandall that his mission was to deliver him to Venus! However, Crandall wasn’t too keen at that particular moment to travel all the way to Venus in the middle of the night, so he declined the offer and Brother Bocco predictably vanished.


Brother Bocco

Crandall’s next encounter occurred on August 27th when Brother Bocco showed up on his doorstep and brought along a scout ship that hovered outside “throwing light in delicate pastel shades, so soft were the upshooting rays that they could only be compared to raised feathers or to petals of an ethereal flower.” Once again the spaceship trip was offered. This time Crandall accepted the invitation and left a note for his parents that said: “Folks, gone to Venus. All is well. Lee.”

Their scout ship landed near a majestic white temple where a large crowd of brown-suited Venusian men had assembled, many of whom were kneeling in prayer. The sea of brown suits parted, as Bocco and Taho led Crandall to an alter where “three important men” performed some sort of Venusian baptism placing Lee’s hand in “a white downy substance they called water.” The three men explained that they were all about Universal Peace and that Crandall would be their “active agent for this Great Universal Endeavor of Understanding, which would soon be revealed.”

A month after his initial Venusian adventure, Crandall was visited by Brother Bocco who invited him for a return trip. En route they passed through a series of “hemispheres,” one of which consisted of “hundreds of beautiful feminine creatures, all blondes, all clothed in white trailing garments, floating in a swimming position…”


While on a “show me” trip, Crandall’s Venusian hosts brought to his “attention large barrels full of feathery like material. They said this was what the ship was made of. This material would be processed and molded into shapes with their hands, then magnetized. They said that magnetism was the propelling energy providing motion for these strange feathery mechanisms…After a complete tour of this strange laboratory we left and once again re-entered the ship, this time dropping below the first plane I had landed on, to a lower plane. This is where the women live. Thousands of them were gathered there assembled in a large open space for the purpose of looking at a man from Earth…They were all around thirty-five years of age, had long brown hair, beautiful eyes, olive skin, large mouth and very full lips. They were simply beautiful creatures…all dressed in white ankle-length garments, long sleeves, with no jewels or make-up…Their leader was introduced to me Sister Sistrano. In very good English she welcomed me on behalf of the group and five of them came forward to greet me, bowing their heads. The leader said that the music I would now hear would come from the humming in unison of these five performers, blending in the most wonderful harmony of vibrant subdued sounds. These continuous vibrations were encircling the planet in one sonorous wave…After bidding these beautiful creatures farewell, we again boarded our ship and moved back down to what I shall call the middle plane of the planet…”

Crandall’s account (published in a booklet called The Venusians) included exhaustive (and achingly ponderous) details of Venusian physiology. At the time, Crandall was studying to become a chiropractor, and so apparently felt the need to share his vast knowledge of human and Venusian anatomy with his readership.


In a 2003 post at UFO Updates, the sometimes contrary contactee Ray Stanford noted that “Lee Crandall delivered a half-used bar of Ivory Soap (with white chicken feathers pressed into it) to his publishers and told them it was a spare piece of Brother Bocco’s Venusian spaceship made of “…magnetized white dove feathers, given in consolation of your spines not being sufficiently crystallized as to enable you to see and approach the spaceship personally…”

Watch Lee Crandall tell his story through the amazing technology of moving pictures!

Read Lee Crandall’s amazing story here!

Barbara Hudson & Those Sexy Saucer People


Barbara Hudson posing with plaster models of the “Flatwoods Monster”

At the Giant Rock Conventions of the 1960s (and other ufological outings), Barbara Hudson became a running mate of sorts with Gray Barker and Jim Moseley, forming a trio that average middle America probably viewed with a certain degree of curiosity: Two hard drinking white male Ufologist-Pranksters—one gay and one straight—in the company of a young, attractive African-American woman who claimed she belonged to a secret organization called “The Group.” According to Gray Barker, Hudson “radiated both a dainty femininity and a certain sexiness” amid an “aura of mystery.”  Barker no doubt  helped foster this mysterious aura with his claim that he observed Hudson’s doppelgänger at the 1970 Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, although one could attribute such tales to Barker’s penchant to stretch the truth or, conversely, from seeing double after a few too many nips of demon alcohol.

Hudson’s entrée into the ‘60s saucer scene began when three mysterious men (presumably in black) showed up at her apartment in New York City one evening and informed her that she’d been chosen to become a member of a secretive outfit involved with UFOs. The three mystery men drove Hudson to a remote stretch of Long Island, along the way treating her to a demonstration of exotic ET gadgets. When they arrived at the secluded Long Island compound, Hudson was introduced to other members of “The Group,” a secret alliance of humans and ETs who had joined forces to reveal the startling truth of the flying saucer mystery!

“The Group” was responsible for Hudson’s involvement with the UFO conference scene, and in fact directed her to attend one of Jim Moseley’s conventions so they could “keep an eye on things.” According to Tim Beckley, Moseley’s interest in Hudson was not only UFO related, but the two enjoyed a romantic relationship. Hudson—along with Barker, Moseley and Beckley—traveled to Point Pleasant during the Mothman craze, and some of her activities there are chronicled in Gray Barker’s The Silver Bridge (1970).

Tim Beckley heard many of Hudson’s stories firsthand and felt that she related them with conviction, although—as Beckley informed your humble author—there was no way to verify her claims, all which added to Hudson’s “aura of mystery.”

At one time or another—according to Beckley—Hudson was writing a ufo themed book, which—it appears—was never completed, although an excerpt from Hudson’s book-in-the-works appeared in Beckley’s ufo newsletter from1968 entitled “A Visitor From Saturn?” by Barbara J. Hudson. (Make note of the “J” in her name.)


As I was recently perusing the Jim Moseley memorial site, I came upon a page dedicated to a 2014 “Internet Roast” of Moseley that included this post by long time ufologist Tom Benson, who recalled:

“I initially observed your activities at the National UFO Conference (NUFOC) located in a semi-rundown motel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in 1974, long after you began your chasing Saucers career in 1953. At this Con, you were mainly introducing speakers including Jan Barbara Hudson, author of “Those Sexy Saucer People” (Greenleaf, 1967, Saucerian ?), and hawking back issues of Saucer News…”


Among the most rare of old school ufo books is the aforementioned and wondrously titled Those Sexy Saucer People  (1967) authored by a fellow named George H. Smith under the pseudonym of Jan Hudson, copies of which nowadays are nearly impossible to find and go for in excess of the super ridiculous price of $300 smackeroos. George H. Smith, according to this link, authored a number of saucy adult-themed titles for Greenleaf Press, such as Orgy Buyer and The Sex and Savagery of the Hells Angels, all of them under a variety of pen names, one of which was Jan Hudson.


Back cover of the scintillating and saucy “Those Sexy Saucer People”

Tom Benson’s remarks might lead some to suspect that it was actually Barbara Jan Hudson who authored Those Sexy Saucer People—or that Hudson may have supplied content for the book—which seems entirely possible because, as noted, she was working on her own book at the time. Taking my working theory one step further, Hudson then provided a rough manuscript to George H. Smith, who worked his literary magic on it, as demonstrated on the passage below:


“White slavers from space!” Page 121 of Those Sexy Saucer People

Tom Benson also noted that Gray Barker’s Saucerian (?) Press may have also been involved in some way, which got me to thinking that maybe Those Sexy Saucer People was a project that Barbara Hudson was working on for Saucerian, and then the book was later picked up by Greenleaf Press for mass distribution. (Maybe.)

When I ran my working theory by Tim Beckley—that Barbara Hudson had played some sort of role in authoring Those Sexy Saucer People—he pretty much pooh-poohed the idea, and seemed confident that neither Barbara Hudson or Gray Barker had anything to do with the book, and in fact he vaguely recalled having known George H. Smith, as well as the publisher for Greenleaf, William Hamling, who also published a number of pulp magazines of the period, many of which were not only adult themed but also included science fiction and flying saucers, and that Ray Palmer—who some regard as the father of the flying saucer pulps—had been associated with Hamling as an editor, author and co-conspirator.

Anyway—after Beckley let the air out of my Barbara Hudson Sexy Saucer People balloon—I thought I’d take one more stab at chasing down this mystery and contacted David Houchin of the Gray Barker Collection at the Clarksburg Library to see if he had any knowledge of a possible book that Barbara Hudson had been working on for Saucerian Press at one time or another—or if he was aware of any material in the Gray Barker Collection related to Those Sexy Saucer People. As it turned out, Houchin did indeed possess a copy of Those Sexy Saucer People in all its lurid glory, which is on proud display at the Clarksburg Library, but unfortunately Houchin could find nothing in the files related to Barbara Hudson writing a book on the sexy saucer theme.

But—as fickle would have it—there was a 20 page document in the Gray Barker Collection entitled—you guessed it! — “Sexy Saucer People” that had nothing to do with the book by the same/similar name—or with Barbara Hudson, for that matter. Go figure.

Click here for a PDF copy of “Sexy Saucer People” (not to be confused with Those Sexy Saucer People) courtesy of the Gray Barker Collection.

Thanks to Erickson, a fellow seeker with the Scheme Gene Research Community, who shared the images in this post from the ultra rare Those Sexy Saucer People. Erickson, it should be noted,  has willed to me his copy of the book if he happens to get run over by a flying saucer anytime soon.

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