Daryle Nieman, Miss Out of this World


Daryle Nieman, Miss Out of this World (Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

The unanimous winner of the “Miss Out Of This World Contest” held at Gabe Green’s 1960 AFSCA Convention, Daryle Nieman was described by the Los Angeles Herald Examiner as a “beautiful, blonde dancer-model who says she has a way of getting in touch with the real space people via a kind of mental radio.” According to Jim Moseley:

“[Nieman] and a group of friends had met a spacewoman named Soloma. Decked out in a white robe, Soloma discoursed at some length about interplanetary life and philosophy and then suddenly disappeared. However, Daryle stayed in “mental contact” with her, had seen saucers on various occasions, and once saw a space animal named Mika, which she described as appearing like a cross between a rabbit and a cat. While Daryle’s tale was no more convincing than the others told at Giant Rock (actually, even less so), there was something (!) about Daryle that filled me with the Will to Believe…”


Jim Mosley and Daryle Nieman


Crenshaw, James. “Giant Rock Spectacle Perplexes: Was It A Flying Saucer?” Los Angeles Herald Express, May 31, 1960.

Moseley, James & Karl Pflock. 2002. Shockingly Close To The Truth: Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist. New York: Prometheus Books.

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