The Reverend Robert Short’s Ascent To The Stars


The late, great Rev. Robert Short

The saucer world was stunned by the passing this week of Reverend Robert “Bob” Short, a beloved and cantankerous fixture in the world of ufology dating back to the halcyon days of the old school UFO contactees. Although Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t speaking specifically about Bob Short, he might as well have been when he uttered those immortal words: “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

For well over a half century, Rev. Short and his spunky wife Shirley operated the Blue Rose Ministry out of their home in Cornville, Arizona, publishing The Solar Space Newsletter where you could “learn the mystic connection between the Hopi’s, the Pope’s and the UFO’s!”

Bob Short’s entrée into the wacky world of ufology dated back to 1953 when he had a calling to travel out to the Mojave Desert at the behest of an ET named Jon-Al who directed him to “Go to the Big Rock in the Desert.” That big rock, it so happens, was Giant Rock, and when Short laid eyes on that magnificent 23,000-ton boulder, it was love at first sight.

Van Tassel

George Van Tassel at Giant Rock during the 1960’s. (Photo courtesy of the Bob Beck Collection – Joe Fex, Ape-X Research.)

Short became fast friends with George Van Tassel and was a frequent attendee of the Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions. One of my fav Bob Short stories was the time he was at Giant Rock hanging out with Van Tassel when a flying saucer landed and, according to Short, Van (as he was known) jumped in his pick-up truck and drove it onto a ramp and into the space brother’s ship then flew away. After about an hour or so, the flying saucer returned, opened up the ramp,  and Van drove his truck back out of the saucer, then the ramp closed and it took off, back into outer space. “George, George, what happened?” an excited Short stammered. “Well, that was interesting,” was Van Tassel’s reply.

Another fond memory I have of Bob Short was during Retro UFO 2 when I was among a group attempting to space out to one of the Karl sister’s Sound Baths up on the top floor of the Integratron, while down below Bob and Shirley suddenly started hollering at each other (as they were sometimes wont to do), which wasn’t out of the ordinary for the pair. Someone had to yell down at Bob to have him put a sock in it, and he finally did pipe down so that our collective group upstairs could return into their mellow meditative happy place space.


George Hunt Williamson (left), his charming wife Betty, and a third individual (possibly Lyman Streeter) conducting short wave space brother radio communications. (Fortean Picture Library)

Short was an associate of famed contactee George Hunt Williamson with whom he engaged in short wave ET communications in Winslow, Arizona, along with a radio operator named Lyman Streeter. As Reverend Short noted:

“Many times during my association with these two men, UFOs hovered over where we were receiving messages. They (Space Intelligence) would even answer questions we hadn’t asked! We began to contemplate the possibility of bypassing the ham operator altogether and using direct mental telepathy in our communication with the Space Intelligence. However, our efforts to explore this possibility were hampered, when in 1952, the government closed our operation. Their explanation given for this action was that we did not have proper legal grounds for “extraterrestrial” or “alien” contacts. Because of this, I eventually left Winslow, disappointed at the mindset of those “authorities” who sought to limit our understanding of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence and their presence on Earth…” (Source: Short, Robert, 2003. Out Of The Stars: A Message From Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Infinity Publishing Company.)


Rev. Short channeling the space bros

Like George Van Tassel and a number of other contactees, Bob Short channeled Commander Ashtar and by the mid-1950s (using the non-de-plume of Bill Rose) he started an organization called “Ashtar Command” to monetize his otherworldly conversations.

At the 1967 Giant Rock Convention, “as Short was being introduced to the assembled audience, a reddish-orange craft flew overhead and was seen by all for approximately two minutes. Short then channeled a message from Korton, a resident of the planet Jupiter who had flown over Earth in a mother ship—the light the audience had seen was described as a spacecraft from that mother ship…”(Source: Melton, Gordon J., 2009. Melton’s Encyclopedia Of American Religions. )

The July 9, 1968 Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram featured an article entitled “Outer Space Chef Tosses Bewildering Salad” chronicling a lecture by Rev. Short at the Los Altos Public Library. Staff writer Frank Anderson described Short as a

…outer space chef, [who] cut some green cheese from the moon, mixed it with horse radish and served it up on flying saucers…

Billed as a lecturer of unidentified flying objects, Short confined most of his remarks to communiqués from extra-terrestrial sources which have been published in the Solar Space Letter of his Solar Space Foundation at Joshua Tree.

The audience of 30 persons appeared mystified by it all, for the knowledge by Short flew by faster than the cafeteria line at a tape worms’ convention.

Short was introduced by Rev. Raymond Broshears, pastor of the sponsoring Church of God of Light. After some Hawaiian music, the lecture began with Short telling his audience how outer space beings tune in on earthlings.

It’s done, he said, by means of a resotron, a device that fits on the head like a hair-dryer and immediately translates earthlings thoughts and language into super space intelligence.

Having cleared up this awesome technology, Short read some documents, the substance of which is that the United Nations just isn’t interested in UFOs and “please stop writing to this office.”

Next came the slides. The first one purported to be outer space lights seen through pink clouds—but if you thought it was a slice of liver left too long in the hot sun, you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

This was followed by what appeared to be a human eyeball the day after New Year’s—or an under-fried egg.

Short —perspiring freely in his royal blue turtleneck, dark blue blazer and canary yellow slacks—got the next slide in upside down and backwards. But his apology was wasted—the audience didn’t know the difference…

Pity the poor Martian trying to decode Monday night’s proceedings on his resotron. He’ll think he blew a fuse.


For many years, Bob and Shirley Short were familiar figures on the flying saucer lecture circuit where the good reverend was usually more than happy (for a free will love offering of around $20 or more) to put on a pair of eye shades and perform psychic readings courtesy of Ashtar or Korton or whatever entity was possessing his vocal chords at the time.  As my pal Greg Bishop recalled:

“At the International UFO Congress in 2004, Bob Short set up a TV tray in the merch room (because he couldn’t afford a table) and gave psychic readings. I gave him $20 and he gave me a $20 performance. He went into a trance and began to spout extreme generalities which could apply to almost anyone. I was not very helpful with any feedback to lead him, so he continued in this vein. It was a fun session, mainly because I just wanted to help him out with a few bucks and see how good he might be. I recorded the session, but mistakenly recorded over it with a bootleg recording of a Hasil Adkins concert.”


Robert Short’s high tech table at the 2004 UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada. (Photo: Greg Bishop)

Your humble author had the opportunity to first hook-up with Bob Short at the 2006 Retro UFO Convention, and over pie and suds one night at a local Joshua Tree pizzeria, the Short’s regaled my wife and I with tales of old school ETs—who they referred to as their Sources.

“Bob, how’d you become interested in flying saucers,” I inquired between gulps of beer that formed tiny foam droplets that dripped off my moustache much to the amusements of the Shorts.

Bob Short: “The same way a lot of people did—after I heard Kenneth Arnold’s sighting near Mt. Rainer in 1947—that got me really intrigued and I began working with Ric Williamson.”

Adam Gorightly: “You’re talking about George Hunt Williamson, right, the famous Contactee?”

BS: “Yes, that’s right! I worked with Ric Williamson for a number of years—everyone who knew him called him Ric—I was in on ham radio contacts with Ric up in Winslow, Arizona in the early 50s along with a ham radio operator named Lyman Streeter—that is until the FCC shut us down for ‘communicating with alien unknown sources against the U.S. Government’—as the Feds called it—and they threatened us with federal prison if we didn’t do what we were told! Anyway, we would have UFOs hovering right over us when we received their messages. It was wild! But yeah, I did a lot of stuff with Ric over the years, including a trip to Peru where we learned all sorts of information about the ETs. Anyway, the ham radios weren’t really needed we later figured out, you could do it all with your mind using mental telepathy. I did this first by using automatic writing, which someone had mentioned to me, so I started playing around with automatic writing and eventually began channeling an ET named Jon-al.”

AG: “When’s the first time you went out to Giant Rock?”

BS: “I found my way out there in 1953. They led me to find my way out there—my Sources—absolutely. To this day it just amazes me how they led me out there. Actually I could hear them talking to me just like I’m talking to you sitting here eating pizza. They told me what road to take and the whole thing. I knew how to find Highway 62 because Nora Helms—James Cagney’s personal secretary—came into my mother’s restaurant in North Hollywood, and told her that she’d been out there to talk to this man under the rock near 29 Palms who talked to extraterrestrials…I knew where 29 Palms was, but I didn’t know any big rock in the desert, and that’s what the ETs told me that I needed to find: the big rock in the desert if I wanted to know more of the truth about them.

“So anyway, I drove out there and when I got to the town of Joshua Tree, I got some gas there at what was then the 76 station—where there’s a real estate office now—and the guy said You’re in luck, I was just getting ready to close down and I said By the way, could you tell me where I could find this big rock in the desert and he said Yeah, look all around, Mac, take your pick and I said Well, ask a dumb question, you get a dumb answer

“And so I told the ETs: If you want me to drive off of this road anywhere, you tell me. I got about five blocks down the highway and I heard this voice go TURN LEFT! And I said what do you mean? And it said again TURN LEFT! And I said OK and I did and I turned onto a paved road and I got up to the top of the hill where the school is now, the elementary school—and by the way, Shirley was told by the ETs that she was going to teach all of Van Tassel’s grandchildren, which she later did, including Matthew Boone—which was fantastic. Isn’t that right Shirley?”

“That’s right!” said Shirley in between a large chomp of pepperoni pizza.

BS: “But anyway, I got out to this point where the road forked and I stopped and said OK, now where? And the voice said TURN HERE! TAKE THE ROAD TO THE RIGHT! And I said OK and the road bent around and finally ended up on this kind of gravely road. I looked off to my left and saw what looked like a dry lake bed and I saw this light and I thought, Well, there’s somebody out here, but I didn’t know this for sure, it could have been 50 miles away and I wouldn’t have known it in the cold, desert air. Well, I drove up a bit further and there was Giant Rock, that’s how I found my way there.

“It was about 1 AM when I arrived at Giant Rock and Eva Tassel was there to greet me and said, You’re like all the rest, you came in the back way. There is a front way, you know. And I said I didn’t know that, and she said Well, you know it now—If you’re meant to be here, you will and if you’re not, you won’t—obviously you’re meant to be here, ‘cause you are here. And then I met Van Tassel, he walked into the Come On In restaurant, which they ran that was built beside another big boulder that was just beyond Giant Rock itself…

“Anyway, I was sitting there talking to her. In fact, I went there was because the ET’s had instructed me to, of course, but also because I’d heard of Van Tasselbecause of what Nora Helms told my mother, that he had also made contact with the ETs and all thatso I went there so I could talk to him and and I showed him some of the automatic writings I had at the time and he said Yep, uh huh  he was very pragmatic OK, looks like the real McCoy to me and I said Oh, thank God, I’m not crazy! (laughs)”

AG: “Did you ever come face to face with these ETs?”

BS: “Yes, many times. In 1958, I had my first actual physical contact with an ET that happened in an area between Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley called Paradise Valley. I was out walking in the evening and this ship came down about not quite a football field away from me and this being got out of it and walked to the road where I was standing and I was shaking and hyperventilating and I was scared to death! I mean didn’t know what was going on and he walked up to me and I thought I’d better put my hand out to show him I’m friendly. He did something I’ll never forget, he put his hand where my heart is and swept his hand out as if to say Everything that is happening to you, everything that you are seeing, everything that you are going to, is open to you. And I knew he knew all about me from the word git go and his eyes looked like he was looking right through me and he said, We’ve come down to make an adjustment of our craft. We will see you again at a future time, and I thought, That’s it? Is that all? That’s it?

“He started walking away and I couldn’t hear the creosote or any of the desert brush crunching or crackling, which was incredible to me, and there wasn’t any footfalls I could hear, except in the roadbed. In the roadbed you could hear the gravel crunching under his feet and I thought, Sure, yeah Bob, you just thought this happened. Then I said, Wait a minute, wait a minute, let’s check and see if there’s footprints in the roadbed and I checked that out. Sure enough they were there and when I got back to where I was staying, the lady who ran the motel tried to dismiss it and years later she told Shirley:  Bob’s face was absolutely ashen, he was shaking all over and he was trying to tell me about this and just hardly couldn’t get the words out. It was really quite an experience!”

AG: “Yeah, an out of the world experience! (laughs) Did any of these ETs ever show up at the Giant Rock conventions?”

BS: “Oh, yes, of course. In April 1964 we had a whole family of ETs—including two twins that were just over five feet tall, dark short cut hair, swarthy skin, looked exactly the same wearing the exact same t-shirts, that were standing around our table. And this family of ETs sat down with us and the wife and the daughter never talked, but the gentleman talked to us, he said, We understand  that you get communications. And Shirley said, Well, yes, we do, she told them we get our communications from Venus—right, Shirley?”

“Yup!” said Shirley.

BS: “…And he said, Well, we get our communications from Mars, and he kind of smiled and he wore this lumberjack shirt and lumberjack cap and had a pipe in his mouth but no tobacco in it and he sat discoursing with us and I was standing there watching these two twins at the table—and Bill Hamilton was standing close by and I recalled it to his mind years later and he remembered that—and anyway, suddenly Shirley called me and said Robert, Come here right now! And so I did and she was psychometrizing this man’s ring.”

AG: “Psycho what?” I asked.

“Psychometry!” Shirley interjected. “It’s a form of ESP that allows you to pick up psychic impressions from somebody by scanning an object that belongs to them, like this ring the ET man was wearing.”

BS: “Right…So anyway, Shirley was doing her psychometry bit and discovered that his hands were blank! No fingerprints, no lines at all! And I said Holy Cats, I’ve never seen anything like that! And so he said, Why don’t you and your wife walk around and talk to your friends and visit people and I said Wait, that wouldn’t be right and he said No, go ahead we’ll take care of everything here and so we did and after about 20 minutes or so we came back to our table—near the rock itself—and they said See, everything is fine, everything’s OK. And I said We want to take a picture of you and he said No and I said, But we need this for our files and more sternly he said No and I asked Why can’t we take a picture? and he said Because it won’t come out—but we want to take a picture of you and your wife. So they did and then they said Well, we have to be going now, and they all started walking away towards this aircraft that was parked near the north edge of the airfield there at Giant Rock, and as I looked on I was distracted for just about a minute or so and I looked back and they were gone! So I ran out there and said Where did they go, where did they go?! Where did they go?! They just disappeared, vanished!”

AG: “To Mars, perhaps?“

BS: “Yeah, could be, could be…I don’t know…but that really happened!”

Lee Childers: The Intergalactic Baker with Bad Teeth

Lee Childers was treated to his first spaceship trip in 1955 courtesy of an extraterrestrial named Commander Marcosan. This included a stop-over on Mars—revealed to be a “dead planet”—in addition to a jaunt to the moon, which featured cities that could be raised or lowered in and out of moon craters. Commander Marcosan’s spaceship—which travelled at the astounding speed of 250,000 miles an hour!—caused Childers to become so space-sick that one of the crew members (an 8 foot tall fellow) held him out of a porthole to allow him to throw up. All in all, Childers was taken on a total of twenty-one such starship trips, which he claimed to be a space-faring record. On one such voyage, Childers rode in a spaceship that was 100 miles in diameter called TREJEDOM.


Lee Childers, otherwise known to this and other worlds as Prince NEasom. (From the Bob Beck Collection courtesy of Joe Fex, Ape-X Research)

Childers burst on to the ufological scene in a big way in December 1958 when a saucer club called the Bureau of UFO Research and Analysis (BUFORA) arranged a press conference in New York City where Childers announced to the world that—in addition to being a baker from Detroit, Michigan—he was also a 250 year old interplanetary traveler (otherwise known as Prince NEasom from the Royal Family of Planet Tythan.)

At his press conference, Childers unveiled a rejuvenation machine which had allegedly brought him back from death on three separate occasions, each after tangling with some unruly Men-In-Black who kept killing Prince NEasom on account of his efforts to alert mankind that we’re doomed for nuclear annihilation if we didn’t heed the space brother’s dire warnings. Or something like that.

Accompanying Childers were a couple of female assistants, Beth Docker and Fannie Lowrey. It was later revealed that Childers had ditched his wife and five children for the tender charms of the aforementioned Miss Docker, who in time adopted the name “Princess NEgonna.”


Lee Childers pictured here with his main squeeze, Beth Docker aka “Princess NEgonna”

During the same weekend of his press conference, Childers—along with his female posse—appeared on Long John Nebel’s Party Line and before going on-air predicted that a fleet of flying saucers would show up on cue and rebroadcast the program to a worldwide audience using advanced saucer technology!

Nebel—famous for accommodating all manner of kooks—found Childers’ claims so preposterous that he kicked Prince NEasom and his crew off the airwaves  and out of the studio just a few minutes into the program, the first and only time that Long John had used the hook on a guest. Needless to say, the fleet of predicted saucers were a no-show.


Lee Childers and Beth Docker at one of the Giant Rock Conventions during the 1960’s. (Joe Fex, Ape-X Research)

Even George Van Tassel—who hardly ever had a harsh word for his fellow contactees—denounced Childers as a fraud on the grounds that he had bad teeth, something Van Tassel considered an impossibility for someone purported to be a true interplanetary traveler.

For more startling revelations just like this one, check out A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees available now from your finer internet book sellers.

And as an extra added bonus, here’s some astounding audio featuring Lee Childers!



The Amazing Adventures of Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse

Chief Frank Buckshot

Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse

On the evening of July 12th, 1959, Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse (1891–1977) of Sulpulpa, Oklahoma, was listening to his transistor radio when it suddenly exploded with a shotgun blast sound followed by the electricity going out at his house. When Chief Frank went to check his fuse box he encountered three average-looking fellows who informed him that they weren’t so average after all, and in fact had travelled all the way from outer space to pick up Chief Frank for a cruise around the cosmos.

After climbing aboard the spaceship, Chief Frank encountered a beautiful woman, which is always a welcome sight regardless of what planet you’re visiting. The space gal introduced herself as Captain Mondraoleeka from the planet Oreon. (On the flying saucer lecture circuit, Chief Frank was always quick to point out that the planet “Oreon” was not to be confused with the star system “Orion.”) As for Captain Mondraoleeka, Chief Frank described her thus:

The lady was tall with pitch black hair and big beautiful blue eyes. She had no rings on her fingers. She had a well shaped head and well-featured mouth. She was dressed with a blue sort of jacket with an insignia on her right shoulder. I noticed a belt that looked as if it was jeweled, with a long dress.

Mondraoleeka, it should be noted, was 417 years old, although she didn’t look a day over 30. The other ETs that Chief Frank encountered on his trip possessed equally unpronounceable names, and came from a variety of planets that were part of an intergalactic space brother federation like on Star Trek.

With his comely space captain at the helm, Chief Frank was flown around the galaxy to check out several planets, including Venus, Orean, and Clarion, the very same planet that Truman Bethurum had waxed so eloquent about. On the way they listened to the music of Connie Francis over KRMG radio station out of Little Rock, Arkansas, the sound of which was crystal clear even though they were an astounding 100,000 miles from Earth!

At one point, Chief Frank was summoned by the call of nature. After relieving himself in a restroom constructed of shimmering green walls, a flush from the space toilet sent out a wispy blue vapor that filled the air with a wondrous aroma. But that wasn’t all. The Orean spaceship was apparently a top of the line, full-service facility that provided Chief Frank with a soothing bath, a sumptuous meal, and also the opportunity to catch some quality shut eye in a futuristic revolving bed that made Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion set-up look like a cheap army cot.

On subsequent spaceship trips, Chief Frank was treated to a flight to Jupiter on what was called an “Arrow Ship” that was an astounding two and a half miles long!

Apparently spaceships weren’t the only things that grow large in outer space. On one occasion Chief Frank took the speaker’s podium at the Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention to deliver the astounding revelation that “the figs on the Planet Oreon are as big as the watermelons we have on Earth.”


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Woman From Another Space & Time (The Illustrated Version)


I recently re-discovered some artwork my friend  Victoria Grimalkin sent me around 2011, which included this stunning illustration above. At the time, Vickie and her husband Jim contributed artwork to an album I produced called Psychedelic Secret Agent and one of the songs on the album was Woman From Another Space and Time, which inspired Victoria’s wonderfully wacky illustration of an alien lady with an extra pair of eyeballs.


Sad Wind

I recorded this uplifting little ditty a few years back and its basically been gathering dust until I recently convinced my buddy Floyd Anderson to put it to video. Kind of my take on “After the Gold Rush”

Woody Derenberger and the Visitors from Lanulos

Woody Derenberger’s life took a turn for the weird in the early morning hours of November 2nd, 1966, while driving Interstate 77 near Parkersburg, West Virginia when a spaceship resembling a huge “kerosene lamp” appeared, causing Woody to pull off on the shoulder of the road, after which a man in shiny trousers exited the craft, walk up to him and requested that Woody roll down the window of his Ford Econovan. Mr. Shiny Pants telepathically assured Woody that he meant no harm—only much happiness—and communicated his name as Indrid Cold. Woody later reported that Indrid—who referred to himself as a “searcher”—possessed a nice tan and looked no different than the average person you’d meet strolling down the street. After a few minutes of conversation, Indrid said he’d be seeing him again and then hopped aboard his spacecraft and away he went.


Woodrow “Woody” Derengerger

The local Parkersburg media quickly caught wind of Woody’s story and he consented to an interview the next day at television station WTAP. Other media outlets and local law enforcement met with Woody at this time—including a U.S. Air Force official—and the general consensus was that Woody seemed to be on the up and up.

Not long after Woody’s sighting (of the man in the kerosene lamp craft with the shiny blue pants) people in the same neck of those West Virginia woods reported the appearance of an apparent bird-like creature with blood red eyes. This, of course, was an entity later to become known as the Mothman who many suspect was somehow related to a number of other UFO sightings that occurred in West Virginia during this period.

On November 4th, Woody was driving back from Ohio when he started receiving telepathic transmissions from Mr. Cold calling in from planet Lanulos. Cold cautioned Woody to slow his roll and drive carefully because he didn’t want to be responsible for Woody wrapping his Econovan around a telephone pole while receiving these telepathic transmissions. Among other words of wisdom Mr. Cold shared was that time on Lanulos was unlike time on Earth, and that Lanulosians strutted their stuff in the buff, on a sort of outer space nudist colony.

Eventually, Indrid—along with his spaceship’s navigator, Carl Ardo—visited Woody and his family at Derenberger’s home, a story chronicled in Visitors From Lanulos (1971).

For more amazing stories like the one you’ve just beheld, go pick up yourself a copy of A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees while supplies last!

Unpacking The Montauk Mythos

Of the various conspiratorial/paranormal cottage industries that have sprung up over the last few decades, the Montauk Project stands tall as perhaps the most bizarre of all, its mythology a veritable smorgasbord of “comic book metaphysics,” as  Richard Metzger once so aptly put it.

As legend has it, this twisted tale began towards the end of World War II, an outgrowth of the U.S. government’s top-secret Rainbow Project, the ultimate goal of which was to make a ship—specifically the USS Eldridge—undetectable to radar. Although the experiment was allegedly successful in causing the Eldridge to disappear from the Philadelphia Naval Yard, it also produced an unexpected side effect: the ship and its crew were transported a hundred miles away to Norfolk, Virginia, where it reappeared. After a brief interval, it was then teleported back to the Philadelphia Naval Yard where one crewmember was discovered planted into the bulkhead of the ship.  Others who survived the ordeal entered into a state of madness and terror!

The Rainbow Project culminated in 1983 at a decommissioned Air Force base at Montauk Point when a hole was literally ripped through the space-time continuum. The end result of this technology was the creation of an alternate reality vortex. We’ll get to that in a bit…

In recent times, the Rainbow Project has become more popularly known as The Philadelphia Experiment, which has been the subject of both a book and movie of the same name. According to Peter Moon, the official Montauk scribe, the actual producer of The Philadelphia Experiment film was actor Mark Hamill—Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame—although Hamill chooses to keep this fact hidden from the public.

Peter Moon has also hinted that a gentleman named Mark Knight (aka Mark Hamill) was a childhood friend of Montauk experiencer Preston Nichols, and that Hamill was instrumental in securing work for Nichols as a sound engineer on The Empire Strikes Back. It should also be noted that Hamill’s father was an officer with Naval Intelligence, an agency long rumored to be mired in mind control conspiracies and assorted covert operations, one of which was, allegedly, the Montauk Project, an outgrowth of the Rainbow Project. Furthermore, Moon contends that Mark Hamill worked at Montauk when all of the high weirdness there was going down.

For the average Jane and Joe—whose ideas about alternate dimensions come directly from the rental of an occasional sci-fi flick—the Philadelphia Experiment remains naught but a fictional flight of fancy, although researchers—many of them purported Montauk experiencers—claim to have in their possession actual documents verifying the existence of the project! In fact, on the covers of many a Montauk book, it’s boldly advertised that the book series, “Goes beyond science fiction.”

Preston Nichols—one of the key players in the Montauk story—was an unwitting participant in the project, who years after the fact finally discovered his involvement therein. Since that time he has been sharing his strange story through lectures, books and videos. Nichols—a veritable high-tech wizard—has his own version of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine in the form of a renovated school bus, or as he calls it, his “Montauk Investigation vehicle.” Nichol’s bus is filled with all sorts of gizmos he allegedly salvaged from the abandoned Montauk site. Not only has Nichols been instrumental in bringing the Montauk Project story to the world, but he also (allegedly) played a pivotal role in deprogramming several Montauk mind controlled subjects, more commonly referred as the Montauk Boys, a group of young men with Aryan features, who had been recruited into the Montauk mind control project. During their initial programming, the Montauk Boys were entranced via psychosexual programming.  The ultimate design behind this phase of the project was to create a blond-haired, blue-eyed bloodline of future rulers of the planet.


Preston Nichols

Preston Nichol’s deprogramming of the Montauk Boys was supposedly accomplished by masturbating the lads in combination with radionics, however that works. The method behind this madness—according to  Nichols  and his associates—suggests that in order to deprogram the Montauk Boys, they first had to be taken into the same trance state in which they were originally programmed. Nichols would then be able to undo the Montauk programming by using similar mind control methods that had been used in the first place, which included tantric massage, and certain other unspecified “Reichian Techniques.”


Duncan Cameron

The most important piece of apparatus in this whole jumbled mess was the legendary Montauk Chair from which Duncan Cameron (a psychic superstar in Montauk lore) sat and radiated his paranormal powers into the ethers with the intent of creating those artificial reality vortexes I was referring to before. The ultimate purpose of these experiments was to not only alter physical reality, but to alter the mental landscape of humankind!

The Montauk Chair—according to Preston Nichols—was developed in the 1950s with “sensor technology” that could display a person’s thoughts. This device operated on the principle of tuning into the electromagnetic fields of human beings and translating their ethereal energy into a tangible form, kind of like a Tibetan Tulpa. This is where Duncan Cameron would sit in the Montauk Chair, his head blazing like a psychic furnace, and paint a mental landscape that took on a physical reality. It was in this regard that Duncan himself, it has been said, became likened unto a god.

Montauk lore further suggests that beings from the Sirius star system are also tangled up in this convoluted tale. Apparently, the Sirians provided the basic design for the Montauk Chair, and then Montauk scientists took those original blueprints and made it a thing. The “Montauk Chair”, in turn, was hooked into a complex grid of computers and amplifiers that whizzed and whirred and blinked and buzzed and everything else you would expect a complex grid of computers to do. Eventually the Montauk Chair (which, in appearance, was not unlike a futuristic Lay-z-Boy lounger) allowed a person to visualize something and a 3D image of these thought-forms would appear on a computer monitor. But it’s only when Duncan Cameron came into the picture that things really started getting crazy.

In a deep psychic trance state, Cameron—at some point—was able to visualize a solid object and actually make it appear from out of nowhere. This was accomplished via an amplifier that would transmit a matrix, and then build up enough power to materialize whatever Cameron mentally cooked up into said matrix—under the direction, of course, of his Montauk handlers. As indicated, Cameron took part in these experiments in an altered state. In this regard, CIA agents—under the auspices of MK-ULTRA funded experiments—had given Cameron special training. The emphasis of this programming focused on diverting the mind through sexual bliss. It was then that the “primitive mind” would surface, as the individual—in this case, Duncan Cameron—would be transferred into an orgasmic trance-state. His primitive mind—now at the disposal of nefarious Montauk mind control handlers—would then become extremely suggestible, and therefore controllable.

time tunnel

The Time Tunnel

Through the use of the Montauk Chair, it was discovered that Cameron had the power to bend time, thus creating vortexes, or time portals. Those who have allegedly traveled through this time portal have described it as a spiral, much like the one seen in the‘60s television series, The Time Tunnel. In the Montauk Chair, Duncan Cameron visualized alternate realities in past and future time, creating a vortex that could then be copied to the hard drive of the Montauk computers. These experiments led to the opening of a time door to the USS Eldridge in 1943. All of this high-tech time traveling is what sucked Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek into the Montauk vortex. Bielek, for instance—in another incarnation—was Duncan Cameron’s brother, Edward, who was a member of the crew on board the Eldridge, and due to his involvement with the Montauk Project has been jettisoned back and forth in time repeatedly, in the process leaving one body behind and assuming another.


Al Bielek

Montauk Project participants were given the directive, on August 5th, 1983, to turn on the transmitter at Montauk and let run it non-stop. At first, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then, on August 12th, the equipment apparently dropped into synch with the USS Eldridge, which suddenly appeared on the other end of the time portal. It was at this juncture that the Duncan Cameron from 1943 (who was an earlier incarnation of the present day Duncan Cameron) appeared in the portal along with his brother, who in present day earth is none other than Al Bielek. (Confused yet?) It seems that the past tense Duncan and Edward had tried to sabotage the Philadelphia Experiment by shutting down the equipment aboard the Eldridge, but found this to be an impossible task as it was all linked through time to the generator at Montauk. (Don’t ask me to explain that one, either!) Determining that it was unsafe to remain on the ship, they jumped overboard to free themselves from the electromagnetic field surrounding the Eldridge. Upon so doing, the Brothers Cameron were pulled through the time tunnel and materialized at Montauk on August 12th, 1983!

Upon the Cameron Brothers arrival in 1983, they were recruited into The Montauk Project, and subsequently used in various time travel missions. As stated before, Duncan and Edward Cameron have now assumed new bodies. Duncan Cameron still goes by the same name, but Edward Cameron is now known as Al Bielek. Got that?

Preston Nichols (aware of the fact that if the future Duncan Cameron on one end of the time portal ever encountered the past Duncan on the other side of the portal this would lead to some sort of time paradox/reality shift with decidedly disastrous results) hatched a plan with some of his renegade Montauk colleagues to sabotage the project. This plan was put into effect when—on dramatic cue—one of the Montauk renegades walked up to Duncan in the Montauk Chair and whispered: “The time is now.” At that precise moment, Duncan let loose a monster from his subconscious mind that put a big wallop on the entire Montauk Project operation, bringing it to a sudden and cataclysmic end. The monster that Cameron brought into existence was described by Preston Nichols as a big, hulking beast, “hairy, hungry, and nasty.”  In The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, Nichols goes on to say that “…after the bizarre occurrences of August 12, 1983, the Montauk base was virtually emptied. The power was restored, but lights were left off with everything in disarray. Most of the personnel were eventually rounded up, debriefed and brainwashed accordingly…after the events of August 12th, the Montauk Air Force Base was abandoned. By the end of the year, there was no knowledge of anyone being on the base.”

Before the Montauk time portal closed for good, Duncan Cameron—who had traveled back and forth in time on numerous occasions—returned to the Montauk of 1983, while his brother Edward remained in 1943. At this point, it was discovered that Duncan’s body was dying and he was rapidly aging due to his involvement in all these Montaukian time travel shenanigans. To save Duncan, Montauk scientists copied his electromagnetic signature and transferred it to a new body. To make this operation a reality, Duncan Cameron, Sr. was contacted by Montauk Project operatives, who traveled back in time and persuaded the elder Cameron to sire a son. It was this child, Duncan Cameron, Jr., who was imprinted with the electromagnetic signature of the dying Duncan Cameron from the future.  This Duncan Cameron body swap is just one in a long line of time travel conundrums that litter the pages of the Montauk book series. In regards to Al Bielek’s body swap, Bielek states that age regression techniques were used to place Edward Cameron (that’s who Al Bielek was in his previous existence) into the body of a Bielek Family member. (For those of you keeping score at home, you might as well give up now, ’cause it all gets even more convoluted from here on out.)

Stewart Swerdlow

One goal of the Montauk Project was to send military operatives back in time to alter historical events, allowing the Montauk group to hold the future hostage, and to manipulate it to their own nefarious ends. Montauk experiencer Alexandra Bruce refers to these exploits as “high tech Black Magic.” This notion has been seconded by Montauk experiencer Stewart Swerdlow, who—after attending a Preston Nichols lecture some years ago—experienced the sudden resurfacing of suppressed memories related to the Montauk Project. Among other curious claims, Swerdlow says he was sent through the Montauk time portal packin’ a pistol, on a mission to blow Jesus Christ to Kingdom Come. But when Jesus materialized in old town Jerusalem—and came sauntering down the steps of the temple—Swerdlow got cold feet and opted not to pull the trigger. (Perhaps the thought of burning in Hell for ALL eternity had something to do with his decision!) Later, Swerdlow was sent back in time again, and encountered Christ on the cross. On this occasion, Swerdlow was charged with the mission of extracting vials of holy blood from the crucified Messiah and, in the course of events, was apparently successful in this endeavor. The motivation behind this adventure was to clone the holy blood of Christ and then inject psychic superstar Duncan Cameron with it.  Then—according to the madcap Montaukian scheme—the medical community would test Cameron’s blood against the DNA residue on the Shroud of Turin, which would unanimously confirm the revelation of Christ’s Second Coming. As a result of this psychic vampirism, humanity would then fall to its knees and worship this pseudo Christ, Duncan Cameron, the second only begotten Son of God! The ulterior motive behind all these blasphemies was to create the actual anti-Christ, thus ushering in a New World Order.

Peter Moon believes that there’s a strong occult connection to The Montauk Project, largely due to the involvement of Aleister Crowley, who Moon suggests was manipulating reality in the early part of the 20th century, traveling backward and forward in time “through a purely magical basis.” The apparent reason Crowley was able to so freely travel through time was due to the fact that he wasn’t locked into any dimension or illusion of reality. A master of many mystical disciplines and secret schools, Crowley was able—through his Will-To-Power—to jettison himself literally through time and space, and into other dimensions, which is a really cool thing, if you think about it. But also, one must possess a very disciplined intellect to be able to subject themselves to such paradigm shifting adventures without going stark, raving bonkers.

During the summer of 1918, Crowley took a “magical retirement” to Montauk Point, the specifics of which remain obscured to this day, although Peter Moon suspects that this visit was related to the future freaky developments associated with the Montauk Project. In Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity, Moon alludes to the possibility that Crowley may have been “creating worm holes from the physical realm to other realities and back again” and that the “bizarre manipulations at Montauk and in Philadelphia could have been elaborate physical deployments at the behest of simply one very powerful magician.” Crowley was seen as a “wild joker who was romping around and having a good time without regard to how it might affect us.” Moon recognizes this joker archetype as The Fool from the Tarot deck and adds that: “This is the wild creative impulse that started the whole universe. It is the force that creates willy-nilly, on whim and without regard to consequences.”

A former Scientologist, Peter Moon suggests that L. Ron Hubbard had a profound effect on these multifarious Montauk mysteries. Hubbard was intimately involved with Crowleyean protégé Jack Parsons in a magical endeavor called The Babalon Working that succeeded in creating a fissure in the space time continuum, which was quite similar to the type of vortex associated with The Philadelphia Experiment: a doorway into another dimension. After the Babalon Working, UFO sightings began to be reported en masse, as if a Devil’s Floodgate had been opened, and into the earth realm flew powers and demons from beyond, much like an H.P. Lovecraft tale, unleashed on an unsuspecting human populace.

Moon portrays Hubbard as a white knight in a realm of high-tech black magicians; one of the “good guys” engaged in psychic warfare against malevolent mind controllers and reality manipulators. Hubbard—it has been put forth—was an agent of the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), and (according to Hubbard) claimed that he’d infiltrated Parson’s O.T.O. group as part of a clandestine operation in order to dismantle it. Eventually Hubbard would have a falling out with his friends in high intelligence agency places, and in fact found himself at war with both the CIA and IRS. Or, at least, that’s the picture Peter Moon paints within the pages of his Montauk books.

Part of  L. Ron Hubbard’s “religion” revolves around the theory that the Earth’s inhabitants were formerly space aliens several million years ago and that we are working out our karma here on terra firma until eventually we can arrive at that much-sought-after Scientology state of “Clear”. From all appearances, certain aspects of the Montauk Project mythos appear to be a continuance of Hubbard’s space opera.


Dr. Ewen Cameron

Peter Moon contends that there’s a mystical bloodline connected to the Cameron name of which L. Ron Hubbard was also a member. Among other members of this bloodline are super psychic Duncan Cameron, in addition to Marjorie Cameron, as well as MK-ULTRA practitioner as Dr. Ewen Cameron. Those carrying this genetic-Cameron-code, according to Peter Moon, are inherently adept at such practices as magick and interdimensional travel. Moon suggests that there’s an ongoing battle of good and evil taking place within the Cameron bloodline, pitting the likes of a Ewen Cameron against L. Ron Hubbard.  Hubbard, it should be noted, publicly condemned the MK-ULTRA-related activities of Ewen Cameron during the late 60’s, when Dr. Cameron prescribed such radical treatments as “psychic driving” for his “patients”. Apparently, such bloodlines (as the Cameron-code) play a major role in what’s going on behind the scenes with the Montauk Project, not only in regards to the Cameron connection but as well with the aforementioned Montauk Boys, who were allegedly selected for experimentation due to their unique genetic “blue blood” qualities.

For more about the Montauk Project, check out Peter Moon’s publishing house Sky Books, if you are so bold.

Below are smattering of Montauk youtubes for your possible viewing/listening pleasure.








Will Jima, We Hardly Knew Ye


Will Jima from the 1970’s UFO newsletter, UFO Folk

A fellow I’ve been fascinated with for quite some time is Will Jima, probably most well known (in a fifteen minutes of fame sort of way) for a twelve page pamphlet he authored entitled Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? that almost singlehandedly launched the Elvis Never Died Conspiracy.

According to this Elvis Never Died Conspiracy timeline at the Presley Assignment website, Jima’s seminal yet modest sized tome was published in 1977, a mere month after Elvis’s supposed death, and it seemingly spawned a cottage industry of other Elvis Is Alive imitators who continue to this day spreading the Gospel of The King that never died. The Presley Assignment refers to Jima “as a Tupelo based private investigator” and that Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?  was “So obscure, in fact, that it does not become part of the ‘is Elvis alive folklore’ although certainly appears to have been an inspiration and influence.”

Jima’s real name apparently was Alvis Howard according to this citation at Google Books. News clippings from the period state that he was a ship building executive based in Huntsville, Alabama, who quit his job to become a full time investigator of strange phenomena. Other reports state that he lived in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Jima was 41 in 1975, which would make him well into his 80s now, assuming he still roams the Earth.

While Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? was Jima’s major claim to fame, it certainly couldn’t be said that he was a one trick pony, as he had his hand in all manner of fun and frolic, including a three LP set released in the mid ‘70s dedicated to UFOs, pseudo biblical prophecy and the Devil’s Triangle, among other kooky things.

Jima also authored a book or pamphlet called Flying Saucers and Golden Ghettos that appears to be even more obscure than Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?, which was already obscure enough to begin with!


The first installment in Jima’s audio trilogy was UFO Message (1974) detailing his alleged encounter with ETs (who he calls “UFO People”) in November 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. It was on that momentous occasion that Jima had delivered unto him the aforementioned “UFO Message.”

Jima’s encounter apparently occurred at the same location as that of the Pascagoula “abductees” Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, a story detailed in the book UFO Contact at Pascagoula and more recently, Calvin Parker’s recollections of the event in Pascagoula–The Closest Encounter: My Story.


In UFO Contact at Pascagoula there’s a reference to a preacher selling records about “UFO’s and Demons” which some have speculated was Jima. However, according to my friend and Jima enthusiast Rob Mitchell—who turned me on to Jima’s recordings a few years back—the preacher mentioned in UFO Contact at Pascagoula  was actually Rev. Bill Riddick, who produced a startling LP called Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord? that features on its cover not one, but three Pascagoula Monsters!

What Saith

Rev. Bill Riddick’s LP, Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord?

According to Will Jima in UFO Message:

“The earth was originally settled over 100,000 years ago when inhabitants were brought here from another world in the universe. A civilization far more advanced than the one we have now flourish for thousands of years. This civilization was totally demolished when a nuclear explosion destroyed the planet that orbited Mars and Jupiter causing a cataclysmic upheaval upon the Earth. Continents were shifted, oceans and mountains were formed, the almost total geography of the earth was changed. According to the UFO people, by some unbelievable miracle, a few earth people survived. However, they were few in number and left with nothing but the raw elements to survive under. These small bands of earth people soon adapted to life in an almost animal state. They roamed the earth for thousands of years, until some ten thousand years ago, the UFO people returned to the earth. They had returned after the earth disaster, but had found no trace of the people who had survived and they had waited for the earth to stabilize before they returned to inhabit it again. They said the problem began when some of the UFO people who came back to inhabit the earth began to mix with the more animalistic inhabitants on earth who had survived the catastrophe. thus began the long period of struggle on earth between the mixed strain of inhabitants and the pure strain that came from outer space. The UFO People have kept a hands off attitude towards these opposing forces because they say universal law requires them to do so…”


Later in UFO Message, Jima talks about how he received a series of predictions from his ET robot friends:

“The UFO people said there will be a revelation soon which will have an astounding effect on America and will be the cause for turning America back on to the right path. They said this revelation will come out of the Watergate scandal, will concern former President John Kennedy’s assassination and the energy crisis. They would not reveal more than this, but said that it would occur prior to the two hundredth anniversary of the United States in 1976…. They said I would run a great risk in making all of this information public. However, they said, that although I would run into some great problems that it would be alright in the end. They said that the animalistic forces would go to any length to stop the truth from being told. They said that they did not normally make future events known even thought they had the ability to do so. But, to provide me protection, they would revel certain events that would happen in the future so that when this information was released and these events happened, that people of the world would know the truth. They said the animalistic forces could stop me but they could not stop the events from happening…they said nothing could every stop the truth!”

There’s more predictions on UFO Message which I won’t bother you with now because none of them came true anyway, but the long and short of it was that the UFO People are engaged in a battle against “animalistic forces” who, if I understand correctly, created the energy crisis that was a big deal back in the ‘70s for those of us old enough to remember waiting in gas lines at the time. Even though Jima never came flat out and said it, I get the vibe that the so-called “animalistic forces” he was referring to were probably “International Bankers.”

UFO Message includes of a lot of your garden variety classic UFO contactee themes of how we humans have screwed up our environment with atomic explosions and such, which also has apparently thrown the universe out of whack, and that if we don’t cease with our “animalistic” impulses and stop with all the nuclear testing, then they, the UFO People, will intervene and stop them for us. In fact, we have so befouled the planet that the UFO People sent robots in their stead to interact with us Earthlings because if the actual aliens came here they would soon after keel over due to all the toxins in the environment.

Apparently you couldn’t find Jima’s offerings in record stores. They were only available through the mail, and also were available on 8 track tapes—once again for those of you old enough to remember that ancient audio technology that was invented by gonzo ufologist John Lear’s father, William Lear.



Throughout UFO Message we are treated to the dulcet tones of Jima’s southern drawl, punctuated intermittently with what this reviewer at referred  to as a “random generated synth sound (I’m certain it was just an ARP Odyssey with the sample and hold feature) that for some reason gets loud and then fades, and the gets loud again, sometimes at the most inopportune time (sometimes it gets so loud it almost drowns out his voice).”

In these recordings, Jima comes across like a cross between Hal Lindsay meets James Shelby Downard with a little bit of Southern preacher vibe thrown in on the side. In fact, when he starts getting revved up he sounds a bit like JC of Art Bell Coast to Coast AM fame.




Next in this stunning series of albums was Revelation 666 (1975), which features a biblical revelations-numerology trip that relates—according to Jima’s vision—to the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. I won’t even try to explain it further other than to say it all has to do with what the  Jima called “The Number 11 Vision.” You can listen to Revelation 666 here.


Jima’s third and final audio offering was The Secret Sea: Where are the Ships and Planes (1977), which I just posted to YouTube for your possible listening pleasure.



Back cover of Will Jima’s The Secret Sea

The news story below, from the back cover of The Secret Sea, givers a rundown of Jima’s UFO encounter, although if you look closely at the font in the article you’ll see that Jima altered his name—basically pasted his Will Jima handle over his real name, Alvis Howard. In this article, Jima states his UFO encounter occurred in October of 1973 as opposed to what he says on UFO Message that it occurred in November of that year. Jima also suggested on UFO Message that the ETs who visit Earth are robots, but in this news article Jima describes the ETs as having “finely chiseled features, their complexion was almond, their eyes were slanted and they stood around 5-feet-10” and wore “powdery-gray jumpsuits that had no seams.” The article goes on to state that the aliens “were built, in fact, like earth folk, the blonde [woman] rather more so, if you can correctly gauge Jima’s enthusiasm.” In other words, she was a hot alien babe.