Mel Noel’s Phony Flying Saucer Trip to the Stars

Mel Noel

Mel Noel at the 1966 Giant Rock Convention (Joe Fex/APE-X Research)

In 1966, a sharp-dressed, handsome young fellow going by the name of Mel Noel made a splash on the east coast saucer circuit when he checked into a luxury hotel with a pair of stunning ladies on either arm and began wining and dining influential magazine editors and news reporters, recruiting them for a prospective flying saucer flight to the stars.

According to the dashing Mr. Noel, the saucer was scheduled to land on the set of the Jackie Gleason television show in Florida, and those interested would have to apply for a space passport. 1 It was around the time of this supposed flying saucer trip that Noel launched the “Ufology Research Institute” that—according to Don Dornan, a reporter for Time Magazine—was a scam to lure investors to pony up for a phony flying saucer trip.


Among other whoppers, Noel claimed the acquaintance of a mysterious “Mr. Genovese” who had been part of a team of scientists that had worked with Guglielmo Marconi developing a “death ray” during World War II. While still in the development stage, Marconi and his group allegedly demonstrated this death ray to Benito Mussolini, and of course Mussolini was smitten with it and wanted it for his very own. When the Italian dictator demanded they fork over the ray gun or else, Marconi refused and soon ended up dead. Afterwards, the rest of the scientists fled Italy with their death ray blueprints and resurfaced five years later at a secret UFO base in Argentina where they were supposedly working with some blond ETs who had agreed to provide a flying saucer ride from Los Angeles to Mexico in ten seconds flat.


Mel Noel at the 1966 Giant Rock Convention (Joe Fex/APE-X Research)

It didn’t take Don Dornan long to figure out that Noel was running a saucer scam, and when he threatened to expose him in a Time Magazine article, Noel told investors that Dornan was a dastardly CIA agent who had sabotaged the forthcoming saucer flight, causing its cancellation. 2


Afterwards, Noel faded from the ufological landscape only to re-emerge in a chapter of Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret (1988) where he rolled out many of the same claims that had previously appeared in The Mel Noel Story: The Inside Story of the U.S. Air Force Secrecy on UFOs (1967). As the “story” goes, Noel allegedly served in an Air Force unit during the 1950s involved in top secret UFO photo recon flights, all of which Don Dornan had long ago debunked but nonetheless ufology has a short memory about such things, and so Noel again resuscitated the story for a while in the early ‘90s with an appearance on a Fox Network UFO special. Not long after this appearance, UFO Magazine ran an exposé on Noel, after which he made himself suddenly scarce again.


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Starseed by Adam Gorightly

Here’s a UFO-ish Sci-Fi song I recorded several years ago that appeared on my album Psychedelic Secret Agent.


I dreamt I saw a ship

In a sea of stars

A journey far beyond

Jupiter and Mars

Like sailors on the sea

Searching for new lands

Sailing through the stars

Beyond the sight of Man


In rocket ships of chrome and steel

With visions in their eyes

Of future planets and bright suns

Shining in the sky

Beyond the stench of planets burned

By Mars, the God of War

Leaving behind the blood and tears

Of all that came before


Starseed, Starseed


Aboard a ship of dreams

In a sea of fears

With visions of a new lands

Whispering in their ears


Starseed, Starseed


I dreamt I saw a ship

In a sea of space

A journey far beyond

This dying human race

Like sailors on the sea

Searching for new lands

Sailing through the stars

Beyond the sight of Man

Like sailors on the sea

Into the unknown

Sailing through deep space

A million miles from home


John Reeves Meets the Tight-Fitting Jump-Suited Vixens from Moniheya


John Reeves at the site of his spectacular saucer sighting

On March 2, 1965, a 66-year-old retired longshoreman named John Reeves was out snake hunting one afternoon in the scrub flats near his home in Brooksville, Florida, when he came upon a landed saucer that was “bluish green and reddish purple,” resting on four legs and roughly 30’ in diameter. As Reeves cautiously approached the craft, he encountered what appeared to be the pilot, a “robot-like” creature with a domed space helmet. After they stared down each other for a minute or so, the robo-creature pulled out a space camera, held it up to its dome and clicked, followed by a blinding flash. A startled Reeves turned to dash away, and in so doing became tangled up in a bush, stumbled, and fell to the ground, dropping his eye glasses.

The space robotwho it turns out wasn’t such a bad guy after allbent over and retrieved the glasses, handing them to Reeves. The robot then rode an escalator like staircase back up into his ship and:

A lot of little blades around the rim of the saucer started to move unison like the slats of a venetian blind. They opened and closed, then the rim started going around counterclockwise. It made a whooshing and rumbling sound as it speeded up its spinning. The staircase pulled up inside…Then the four stilts or legs retracted, and the saucer went straight up with that whooshing sound. I watched, and it was out of sight in less than 10 seconds in the cloudless sky.” 1

After the saucer zoomed away, Reeves examined the landing area and discovered a set of the boot prints, in addition to “two sheets of strong but very thin tissue, unlike anything I’d ever touched before. Both were covered with strange writings or marks that looked like Chinese.”


Apparent interplanetary chicken-scratch discovered by John Reeves

The following day, Reeves appeared on St. Petersburg radio station WFFB to share his amazing story. Afterwards, he met with Air Force investigators who accompanied him to the saucer site where he directed them to the robot’s boot prints. At this time, Reeves turned over the strange papers to the Air Force officers for analysis. Reeves later claimed that when the papers were returned, the Air Force pulled the old switcheroo, substituting fake papers for the real ones. The Project Blue Book Report stated that:

Two papers that contained unreadable hieroglyphics were reportedly dropped by an occupant of the spacecraft. An analysis was made of these papers by the Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton, Wisconsin. This analysis indicated that the paper is composed of fibers which are common worldwide. The fiber composition corresponds to that used in lens and stencil papers. The hieroglyphics on one of the papers was deciphered by simple substitution and was determined to be the work of an amateur. The deciphered hieroglyphics read as follows: ‘Planet Mars—Are you coming home soon—We miss you very much—Why did you stay away too long?’ Since no other implications were apparent, it was not feasible for the Air Force to expend further time and money in deciphering the second sheet. Based on the above, it is the opinion of the Air Force that an attempt was made to perpetrate a hoax.” 2

On August 6, 1968, Reeves came across another landed saucer, but this time instead of a robot creature, he encountered a crew of beautiful space people, tall and thin with porcelain skin who informed him that they came from planet Moniheya, which we Earthlings know as Venus. The Moniheyans were outfitted in tight-fitting jumpsuits that accentuated their trim, thirty something hot looking bods. (Reeves later learned that his space friends were actually much older than they looked!) On this same occasion, Reeves was treated to a trip to the dark side of the moon, which transpired over the course of six hours. He described the inside of the spaceship as a glass room full of instruments with three-dimensional TV screens that were used for navigational purposes.

While moon-traipsing, Reeves scooped up a handful of lunar dust and poured it into a medicine bottle to smuggle home with him, as well as a large moon rock that he stuffed into his trousers. (“Well, hello there, Earthling. Are you just happy to see me or is that a moon rock in your pocket?”) However, Reeves never showed any of this moon dust to the authorities back on Earth because he was worried it would be confiscated in the same manner as his alien papers.

On another trip, Reeves visited Moniheya, which included viewing such natural wonders as two suns, a pink sea (with Loch Ness type monsters) and blue rain. Reeves spoke of two amazing modes of public transportation he encountered, one of which was moving sidewalks, and the other rockets that cruised around just above the ground, kind of like Volkswagens with wings.

While there, his space friends awarded him the official flag of Moniheya, which like his precious moon dust Reeves decided to keep locked away in a safety deposit box, only showing a few select Earth friends on rare occasions, although he did make a duplicate of the flag which he hung on a wall in his home for visitors to admire.


Reeves with his alien flag in the background. Photo: Douglas Curran

Reeves became known as “the Brooksville spaceman.” He would often set up a stand at the local shopping mall to show off his display of UFO photographs and news clippings. Reeves gained the reputation as a kind hearted fellow, who for many years ran a trailer park where he would feed people down on their luck or let them slide on rent if times were tight.

As a monument to his outer space friends, Reeves erected a full sized model of the Moniheyan spaceship in his front-yard with a plaque that read: “The spaceship that took John Reeves to planet Moniheya, millions and millions of miles from planet Earth, landed here October 5, 1968.” As Douglas Curran wrote in In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space:

Harassed by vandals and county tax collectors, Reeves sold his property in 1980 to the state, which razed his house and UFO monument. Letters of protest poured in from throughout Florida objecting to the ‘desecration of John Reeves’ expression of hope.’ Now eighty-six years old, Reeves lives in a trailer on a side street in Brooksville. His newspaper clippings are kept in an old suitcase that he hauls out for anyone who wants to see. A dog-eared book contains the autographs of people who came to see his UFO monument, among them Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Pat Boone, and Tuesday Weld.” 3

John Reeves posing before his home-made flying saucer

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Allen Michael and the One World Family Commune


Allen Michael

In 1947—while working as a sign painter in Long Beach, California—Allen Noonan was purportedly transported up into a Galactic Mothership operated by Extra Territorial Intelligence (ETI). At this time, Noonan was selected to fulfill the role of New World Comforter and human channel for the Everlasting Gospel of the Space Brothers. On direction from on high, he changed his name to Allen Michael, which you must admit is a lot cooler name than Allen Noonan. 1

In 1956, during a visit to Giant Rock, Michael was treated to a second ET experience when a flying saucer appeared with three beings named Favelron, Celeste, and Jameston, who—after introducing themselves—threw Allen kisses before accelerating away in a flash of light.

During the 1960s, Michael started a communal experiment called “The One World Family Commune”. In 1967, Michael’s commune opened a vegetarian restaurant called Here and Now in San Francisco. In 1970, the group moved across the bay to Berkeley and opened a second restaurant/co-op called One World Family Natural Food Center. It was there that Michael started once-a-week public channeling sessions with the space brothers and on one occasion several members of his group joined him on a trip to the planet Altamira. LSD sessions apparently played a large role in these experiences, which explains a lot. At the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival, Allen Michael’s son, Dennis Noonan, informed me that during the 1970s the group conducted successful UFO “summoning rituals” at Mount Tamalpais under the influence of acid.

In 1970, the FBI arrested Michael for selling eighth of an ounce of marijuana and he was sentenced to six months in prison. After his release, Michael moved his gang of acid tripping space cadets to a mansion in Stockton, California. During this period, the group explored the ideal of “Uni-Communism” promoting monogamous love, natural food, and vegetarianism.

As a further means of promoting the ET message, Michael founded the “Utopian Synthesis Party…the party to end all political parties and have a real party!” as part of a presidential run launched for the 1980 election. (Your humble author, who wasn’t thrilled with either candidate that year, Carter or Reagan, actually voted for Michael in the general election as a write-in candidate. I shit you not.)

Michael and his One World Family even tried their hand at rock music with an LP entitled Quasar. According to my esteemed contactee research colleague, Greg Bishop, writing at the WFMU blog:

In 1976, they went into the studio to record music based on Michael’s space age philosophy. Since it was the mid-1970s, the music was ‘white people funk.’

This is most evident on the first track ‘Share the World’ which opens with a standard wah-wah guitar, and assures us that ‘We can all share the world/ It’s the grooviest thing.’ The second track, ‘Sound’ is the standout. Michael riffs on the word in glorious echoplex, obviously delighted with studio effects and what was being done with his voice. ‘My words go forth to fulfill the things for which they are sent…Call forth those who travel on instant, weightless, timeless lightbeams of sound…SOUND…SOOUUNNDD!!’ ‘Man and Woman’ appears to be standard new age fare glorifying the roles of the sexes, accompanied by an inexplicable accordion intro and break. On ‘One World Bill of Rights,’ Michael’s (or the Space People’s) words are read by a young woman. Perhaps Michael thought that people would be more apt to listen if a female voice read the new plan for a perfect society…”

During the 1990s, Michael hosted a public access TV show called Galactic Messenger. His group maintains a website at

1 Allen, Michael. 1977. UFO-ETI World Master Plan, Santa Rosa, California: Starmast Publications.

The Mitchell Sisters Meet the Martians!


The Magnificent Mitchell Sisters!

In May 1957, Helen and Betty Mitchell of St. Louis, Missouri, were approached at a coffee shop by two men named Elen and Zelas who said they were from Mars. The manly Martian duo further informed the Mitchell sisters that they’d been monitoring them since birth (for a special mission on Earth!) 1

At first, the Mitchell sisters were a tad suspicious, but when the two purported men from Mars recounted several childhood incidents that had occurred to the Mitchell sisters—that no one could have possibly known about outside of immediate family members—Betty and Helen became suddenly convinced that the mystery men were on the level and most assuredly from the red planet!

Shortly after their initial encounter, Helen and Betty returned to the coffee shop to meet again with Elen and Zelas and at that time were given instructions on how to build an advanced communication device to remain in constant contact with a Martian mothership piloted by Commander Alna.

In November, Helen was taken aboard said mothership and “told the magnetism of the craft would not affect my watch since it would be balanced by the magnetism of my own body. However, while in the mother craft the magnetism of it caused my watch to stop, and it was de-magnetized in a small machine before I left.” It’s the little details that matter. After Helen got the whole magnetism thing figured out, the Martians shared with her advanced scientific information and then demonstrated a space-age version of shuffleboard controlled by psychokinetic powers.

In the aftermath of Helen’s excellent mothership adventure, the Mitchell sisters maintained communications with their Martian friends, which included information on a wide variety of stuff they were instructed to pass on to the people of Earth. Martians—like their Venusian counterparts—apparently spent a lot of time obsessing over atomic bombs and how the people of Earth might end up doing to our current civilization what the Lemurians did to theirs. (Or to quote George Adamski’s friend Orthon: “Boom Boom!”)


The Marvelous Mitchell Sisters (with sister Mary in the middle). From “The Ballowe Family” collection. H/T John E.L. Tenney

Beaming with the space brother’s message, the Mitchell sisters made the scene at saucer clubs and UFO conventions, where they preached to the contactee choir about atom bombs and Atlantis and the dawning of a new age where mankind needed to get its act together and transcend our war-like ways.

At a meeting of the Kansas City Saucer Club, Helen Mitchell shared her knowledge of interplanetary languages by presenting this example: “Me! Bez de Son. Ras, de ta ol de leon qua sone twila urn bon-ta-bon Zabat dar um ta daga de tra-ce-te de tai o um bont. Zabat rma zabat ott tar ma qua zabat gavon-ta-bon um-quat que. Ban gav ban um ta ban ta zabat, nas qua pa qua zabat ta ol dat urn ta rama. Mel Bez de son.”

According to Helen, the above translated to: “Peace be with you. Beloved, in the light of mind evolveness one chooses to serve, and so doing turns the forces of Love in this attraction toward him. When searching is difficult it proves advancement, for adversaries must work strongly to prevent involvement. Let darkness fade to the nothingness that it is, not potential or manifesting as is the light which takes its place. Peace be with you.” Unfortunately the translated message seemed almost as incomprehensible as the un-translated version.

In 1965, the Mitchell sisters turned up missing, which suggested to some they’d been taken on an extended trip to Mars. 2

For more fun stuff like this check out “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees.

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Karl Hunrath and the Incredible Adventures of Bosco

In July 1952, Karl Hunrath—a resident of beautiful Racine, Wisconsin—contacted the local police department to report an encounter he’d experienced late one night with a man dressed in a black suit who had entered his home, injected him with a tranquilzer, and proclaimed: “I am Bosco.  You have been chosen to enter our brotherhood of galaxies.” 1

Not long after his curious encounter with a purported Man-in-Black, Hunrath invented a contraption he dubbed “Bosco” apparently in homage to his mysterious dark-clad visitor. Encased in a black box, Bosco was said to duplicate the magnetic field of UFOs and could ostensibly “call them down.” At the time, Hunarth was emplyed as a “project engineer” with Oster Manufacturing Co. 2 Known for its Sunbeam brand of small electric appliances, during the war Oster branched out into avionics, which is where Hunarth might have developed certain skills that aided with the invention of Bosco. One of Hunrath’s fellow employees at Oster, and the co-inventor of Bosco, was Wilbur “Jack” Wilkinson, an assistant foreman at the company, who would subsequently follow Hunrath into infamy.

Professor George Adamski

Professor George Adamski (Photo credit: Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

In November 1952, Hunrath quit his job at Oster and relocated to Southern California where he hooked up with George Adamski and gave the “Professor” (as Adamski was sometimes called) the lowdown on how Bosco not only attracted flying saucers, but could also produce enough free energy to provide all the electricity needed to power Adamski’s burger stand at Palomar Gardens. 3 The only hitch was that Bosco was stored in safekeeping in Wisconsin, and Hunrath was going to have his co-inventor, Wilkinson, bring it out to California, so there was going to be a bit of a delay on all the free energy soon to flow Adamski’s way. All of this Bosco business seemed fine with Professor Adamski until—during a Palomar Gardens wine drinking soiree—Hunrath went off the rails about how Bosco could disable flying saucers, causing them to land against their will, and potentially even crash. 4

Why Hunrath wished to bring down the kindly space brothers is anybody’s guess, but this business about crashing saucers so alarmed the good Professor that he told Hunrath to get the hell off his property—that there’d be no disabling flying saucers if he had anything to say about it—and take that infernal Bosco with him! Part of Adamski’s concern was that if Bosco could bring down UFOs then it could most likely mess with military aircraft as well, to which Hunrath replied:”WHO CARES? WE WANT THE SAUCERS!” 5

After witnessing this heated exchange, one of the Adamski’s followers, Lucy McGinnis, notified the authorities that Hunrath’s black box thingy could potentially disable military aircraft! Not long after, both the FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) paid a visit to Palomar Gardens to question Adamski on the matter. In response, the professor informed them, in no uncertain terms, that his former colleague (Hunrath) had gone off the deep end and was quite possibly possessed by otherworldly demons. Adamski referred to Hunrath as an “uncontrollable monster” who practiced “occultism.” 6

Before his relationship with Adamski went south, Hunrath—along with fellow saucer enthusiasts George Hunt Williamson and Jerrold Baker—formed the short-lived “Adamski Foundation,” an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the works of the good professor.


George Hunt WIlliamson (left), his charming wife Betty, and a third individual, quite possibly Lyman Streeter

In August 1953, Bosco co-inventor Wilbur Wilkinson joined Hunrath in California. During this period, Hunrath had apparently fallen under the spell of George Hunt Williamson and his supposed ability to channel entities from other planets. Hunrath, Wilkinson, and Baker spent considerable time at Williamson’s home in Prescott, Arizona, where a pseudo-scientific laboratory had been set up. To this end, Williamson and crew enlisted a diverse array of ET contact methods that included short-wave radio, telepathy, use of an Ouija board as well as the ingestion of mescaline that allowed the men to enter altered states and ostensibly enhance their otherworldly communications. 7 Around this time, the men adopted space brother names: Hunrath was Firkon, Wilkinson was Ramu, Williamson was Mark III, and Baker was Markon. Whether the men actually believed they were aliens, or channels for aliens, or whatever their intent was, isn’t entirely clear, but some of these very same alien names (Firkon and Ramu) later appeared in Adamski’s book Inside the Spaceships. 8

That summer, Hunrath and Wilkerson moved to Los Angeles to seek employment in order to fund their many flying saucer investigations, landing jobs as electricians. Wilkinson settled his family into a rented home near Echo Park, while Hunrath found accommodations at a rooming house in downtown L.A.

On November 10, 1953, Hunrath phoned Hollywood based ufologist Manon Darlaine, alerting her that he and Wilkinson were planning to meet up the next day with a landed saucer and invited her to tag along. Manon politely declined, fearing the men weren’t operating with a full set of dilithium crystals.

The next day, Hunrath and Wilkinson rented a light plane from the now defunct Gardena Valley Airport, and with three hours of fuel flew off into the great unknown, never to be seen again. For some reason, the men neglected to file a flight plan, which made subsequent search and rescue efforts all the more challenging.

Hunrath—who was at the controls of the plane—was not an experienced pilot, and only a week before their flight had taken a refresher course. It was rumored that the men planned to fly in the direction of Prescott, Arizona, a flight line which would have taken them over the remote Southern California desert mountains where it was presumed they had crashed.


Following their disappearance, a Los Angeles Mirror article featured the alarming title PLANE VANISHES IN MYSTERY: Wife Fears Hubby in Flying Saucer Kidnapping in which Mrs. J. Wilkinson of 1933 ½ LeMoyne Ave. stated that her husband might have been nabbed by “interplanetary invaders in a flying saucer.” Mrs. Wilkinson described her husband Wilbur as an “avid believer in flying saucers” and that he and Hunrath “believed the end of earth was nearing and that strange little men from the planet ‘Maser’ were ready to invade.” Mrs. Wilkinson took the Mirror reporter on a tour of her husband’s “den” which was lined with “flying saucer pictures, weird signs, and formulas…” One of the messages on the wall was from “Prince Reggs of the planet Maser.” Mrs. Wilkinson recalled that her husband played her tape recordings that featured “conversations with men, presumably from other planets, who landed here in saucers.” 9

Afterwards, reports surfaced that the FBI had looked into the case of the missing men and came to suspect they may have high-tailed it to Mexico to escape “personal problems” unrelated to UFOs or Bosco. 10

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Robert Renaud and the Space Babes from Korendor!


Robert Renaud presiding over his intergalactic communication center in his parent’s basement.

In July 1961, 18-year-old ham radio operator Robert Renaud was “browsing around the shortwave bands” when “suddenly from the loudspeaker came a very high pitched beep-beep-beep” followed by a female voice: “I am called Linn-Erri, and my associates and I come from the planet Korendor…” After introducing Renaud to the rest of her Korendorian crew, Linn-Erri shared detailed instructions how to modify his radio equipment to better facilitate space communications. 1 Later that year, Renaud received instructions on how to adjust his television set to receive visual transmissions and soon after Linn-Erri appeared on the screen, a beautiful, statuesque blonde possessing the all too earthly dimensions of 37-22-36!


Illustration featuring a buxom space babe from Korendor!

In the early morning hours of December 22nd, 1962, an average-looking car carrying some average looking dudes (Korendorians in disguise) picked up Renaud and drove him to an isolated area where he was treated to a demonstration of an anti-gravity device that levitated a huge rock one hundred feet into the air and then disintegrated it with a ray gun. On another occasion, a Korendorian named Algran-Eltar demonstrated a bullet-stopping device by shooting in Renaud’s direction and then freezing the bullet in mid-air. These were just a few of the amazing things Renaud witnessed, in addition to the requisite starship trip to Korendor. 2


Illustration of a Korendorian craft with contoured bucket seats!

After seeing a write-up about Renaud in Gabe Green’s Flying Saucers International, ufologist Bob Grise (not to be confused with the former Miami Dolphin QB) tracked him down at his parents’ basement in Massachusetts. Grise—a fellow ham radio buff—inspected Renaud’s short wave set-up and observed circuit modifications that “were all appropriate to extend the receiving range.” What Grise found even more mind blowing were ta series of books about Korendor that Renaud had channeled via “automatic-typing”, each single-spaced and roughly 500 pages in length. Grise noted that there seemed to be no inclination on Renaud’s part to profit from his channeled material, and had it not been for Gabe Green discovering and promoting Renaud’s work, he probably would have remained in obscurity.


Korendor script as decoded by Robert Renaud

Renaud maintained a large collection of Korendorian tape recordings, including communications featuring Linn-Erri who spoke with “a kind of hesitancy in speech patterns suggesting a foreign person doing well in English. It had a singsong, melodious quality.” Grise seemed convinced there was nothing fraudulent concerning Renaud and that “something quite out of the normal was going on, whatever it was.” 3


Further images of Bob Renaud’s “Mission control”

The wonderful photos and illustrations presented in this piece were lifted from Flying Saucers Close Up by John Dean. (Not the Watergate dude, but some other dude.)



For more crazy cool contactee stories just like this, you really need to pick up your very own copy of A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees, available now where ever internet books are sold.

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Further reading

The TerraKor Files

William Ferguson, The First Man on Mars


A self-professed “Adept at the art of relaxation,” William Ferguson (who, when he wasn’t relaxing, worked a day job as a postman) used the term “absolute relaxation” to describe his astral projection (or out-of-body) experiences, which included etheric voyages to the sixth and seventh dimensions. 1 (And here I thought there were only four.)

In 1938, Ferguson relaxed his way to Mars where he met Khauga who just so happened to be the Chief Uniphysicist of the Solar System. 2 According to Ferguson, he was the very first Earthman to visit Mars and because of this there was “great rejoicing” among his new-found Martian friends.

While hanging with Khauga, Ferguson was treated to a tour of the red planet, which he soon discovered was a virtual paradise. As Khauga related to him:

How do you like our city, or living spaces, as we call them? They form a great network all over the planet, your astronomers call them canals. For two thousand years we have lived in these enclosed living spaces. We have our cities and countrysides all enclosed, and maintain a constant temperature of 76 degrees. Our vegetation grows continuously. We have made our own weather. The enclosures are tremendous electro-magnetic force fields created by our Uniphysicists.

In our expedition to the Earth, we intend to release large quantities of expanded elements on the surface of your planet, which will, in turn, speed up the expansion of the elements you are working with. We have waited for this time in the Earth’s development to step in and help our sister Planet Earth. If your scientists will listen to the truth, and stop pursuing selfish interests, and obeying the dictates of the combines, they can have an oasis in the deserts and an abundance of every usable thing man can imagine….”

Inspired by his amazing Martian adventures, Ferguson founded the Cosmic Circle of Fellowship,

“…a religious organization of the sovereign State of Illinois, under the complete guidance of Celestial and Immortal Beings from Outer Space. The messenger of these space beings is William Ferguson of the Planet Earth, and other Priests and Priestesses, who have been and will be, elevated to the Priesthood of the Cosmic Circle of Fellowship…

We worship only the Alpha and the Omega, who are the First Cause, (Everliving). We adore many Celestials and Immortals, who are working with us and guiding us. We invite all people of the Planet Earth to join us in fellowship and the worship of Alpha and Omega.” 3

Khauga instructed Ferguson to construct a device called the Zerret Applicator that could supposedly cure everything from gout to lumbago. This wonder device (selling for the low, low price of $50!) was made of plastic with nifty blue and white vertical stripes. When you held it in your hands, it emitted z-rays, a force unknown to science.” (At least the part about “unknown to science” was true.) According to the Zerret Applicator instruction manual:

When you hold the Applicator, it works on your life current, expanding the atoms of the same. As this takes place, it expands all atoms of your being. Expansion of your atoms produces what is commonly called relaxation.”

After receiving complaints about the Zerret Applicator, the FDA brought the hammer down on Ferguson, claiming he’d misbranded the Zerret Applicator as a cure-all—when it was really a cure for nothing. Ferguson was sentenced to two years in prison for medical fraud and the FDA even went so far as to create a PSA featuring actor Raymond Massey with a stern Zerret Applicator rebuke:

I’m Raymond Massey and I have a special message for senior citizens. Today’s doctors, drugs, and medical devices truly work medical miracles for the young and old alike, but there are some as phony as a three dollar bill, like this Zerret Applicator, for example, which has claimed to cure arthritis with Z–Rays…There are no z-rays!”


For more startling information about William Ferguson’s groovy trip to Mars click here!

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Joe Simonton and the Pancakes from Another Planet


Joe Simonton holding one of his purported “pancakes”

One afternoon in April 1961 at his chicken farm in Eagle River, Wisconsin, Joe Simonton’s lunch was interrupted by a noise that sounded like a jet engine over his house. Simonton hurried out to his yard to see what was up, and observed a craft, which he described as a “huge, big thing…coming straight down, just like an elevator.” It looked like “two washbowls turned face to face.” 1 Walking around the object, Simonton noticed an opening through which he could see three normal-looking (albeit short, at about 5 feet) men inside the craft. They were dressed in blue turtleneck knit get-ups with small knit caps made of the same material.

A hatch opened on top of the craft and out popped one of the little men with a jug in one hand; with his other hand the little guy made a gesture like he was thirsty. Simonton accepted the jug and went down into his basement to fill it up, then brought it back, having to stand on his toes to reach up and hand the jug back. The little man saluted as if to say farewell and Simonton saluted back, which is probably what most of us would do if saluted by a little man from a far-off land. While all this saluting was going on, Simonton observed one of the little guys inside cooking something that looked like pancakes on a flameless grill, the latest in Martian technology.

Simonton made a gesture of putting food to his mouth to show he wanted to try one of the pancakes, so the little man handed a few to Joe, then the hatch closed and the saucer took off. As Simonton stood in stunned disbelief, he figured he might as well sample one of the cakes, which he described as “hot and greasy” and not all that great tasting. “If that was their food, then God help them, because I took a bite of one of ‘em and it tasted like a piece of cardboard.” Sad!

While some pegged him as a crackpot, those who knew Simonton considered him as a no-nonsense kind of guy, among them a local judge, Frank W. Carter, who was a member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). Carter sent a sample of a Simonton’s pancakes to NICAP’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and afterwards Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book traveled to Eagle River to look into the case. Initially Hynek was dubious about Simonton’s claims, basically because they sounded so outlandish, although Simonton remained consistent whenever he related his story, and there was no evidence he was trying to profit from it, or to make a name for himself. One of the pancakes was afterwards sent to an Air Force lab where analysis described the contents as “fat, starch, buckwheat hulls, wheat bran and soybean hulls” and that it appeared to be “an ordinary pancake of terrestrial origin.” 2

This article was a bit of a bastardization of an entry authored by Greg Bishop that is featured in A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees available now while supplies last from your finer internet booksellers.

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Carl Anderson Meets the Nicotine Addicts from Mars!


Carl Anderson (Photo credit: Joe Fex/APE-X Research)

Carl Anderson’s first purported UFO encounter occurred on April 4th, 1954, while camping in Desert Hot Springs, California. On the night in question, Anderson, his wife Stella and their two kids, Bobby and Betty Ann (names straight out of a Leave it to Beaver episode) were startled from slumber with the sudden dematerialization of their tent after which they were paralyzed by a beam of light:

We did not know at the time just how long we remained in this paralyzed condition while we continued to watch and listen. We could now hear voices mumbling in a low tone, but could not tell, however, if the conversation was in English, as the sounds were very faint.

We do not know whether or not any people alighted from this craft. We did not see any. But we did hear voices. After what seemed like hours we began to hear a slight humming sound like a generator running.

A low droning, pulsating hum. The dim glow surrounding the saucer slowly took on an orange cast, then a bright red color. It glowed like a huge ball of red fire. Then it started to rise straight up, very slowly at first, then faster and faster as it got higher and higher. The red light changed to a brilliant bluish white. Then slowly the tent began to reappear and once more we were aware of its presence. As the tent became a reality we were once more free to move about. We now realized that we had been paralyzed for our own good. It was not meant for us to go near or touch this wonderful craft from another world.”


Carl Anderson and his charming wife, Stella (Credit: Joe Fex/APE-X Research)

On the evening of June 27th, 1958, Anderson was taking a stroll in Fullerton, California, when a Martian named Kumar appeared out of nowhere, offered him a lit cigarette, then lit another for himself. After exchanging pleasantries, Kumar said he had to be going but would soon return with a squadron of rescue ships to evacuate “enlightened” humans in advance of the forthcoming atomic war. Kumar then pressed a button on his belt and disappeared into thin air.

Over the next few years, Kumar visited Anderson and on those occasions levitated and performed other Jesus-type feats. On one visit, Kumar brought along an “adorable” seven foot tall Venusian princess named Nirvana, who served the men a sparkling elixir from crystal goblets.

Anderson’s final meeting with Kumar occurred on May 4th, 1963, when he was taken aboard a spacecraft and given a demonstration of its propulsion system. At this time, according to Anderson, he was instructed to travel to Germany to share this Martian technology with German scientists.


Although one of the lesser known contactees in the U.S., for some reason Anderson became a hit in Europe and his book Two Nights To Remember was translated by a Swedish publisher. Anderson and fellow contactee Reinhold Schmidt were featured speakers at the Fourth International UFO Congress on October 22th–24th, 1960 in Wiesbaden, Germany, which evidently allowed him the opportunity to share Kumar’s Martian technology with German scientists attending the event, including famed physicist and space flight pioneer, Dr. Hermann Oberth. According to some accounts, Oberth was less than thrilled to share the stage with the likes of Anderson and Schmidt, whom he considered a couple of quacks.

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