Alternate Covers for “Wolfman vs. the Pentagon”

The “ufotwitter intellectuals” have been all abuzz the last week or so with the startling release of Wolfman vs. the Pentagon (aka Skinwalkers at the Pentagon) by longtime UFO enthusiast George Knapp and a couple other guys who are like scientists or something. Amazon link here.

While I’m sure the book will contain some startling new details about the Wolfman duking it out with the military, as well as other crazy shit about Resurrected Dino-Beaver-Pigs, I must admit I was less than enthused with the book’s cover, which is one of the worst UFO covers in the history of such things, and I stated as much on twitter. That it sucked. You can judge for yourself below.

A short time after voicing my dissatisfaction, another twitter colleague recognized the wolf eyes in the photo to be the very same wolf eye’s that appeared in a anti-Deep State novel by Steven Seagal of all people entitled The Way of the Shadow Wolves, which also featured a foreword by that shitbag Joe Arpaio. See below.

It’s the same eyes. By and large, we all thought this was pretty funny, but I also felt it my crowdsource duty to give the authors some other options, and thus I launched an alternate Wolfman vs. the Pentagon cover contest.

To follow are the finalists from our contest, and I need your help, dear readers, to select the winner. If you have a fav, (and I know that you will!), either comment at this post or drop me a line at Just say something like, “I dig the one that’s the third from the top, dude.”

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