George King, Intergalactic Hero


A dapper George King some time in the 1950s. (Photo: Joe Fex/A-PEX Research)

In May 1954, an ethereal voice popped into the head of a cab driver named George King: “Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament!” 1 Eight days after King received this vital information, an unidentified (supposedly world famous, though unnamed) swami materialized in his London flat and treated King to a crash course in tantric yoga, which apparently enabled him to attain vast knowledge regarding the secrets of the universe.

The aforementioned unnamed (world famous) swami instructed King to form an organization that would help the planet get its act together. To accomplish this feat, King was required to establish telepathic contact with Master Aetherius from Venus, who would steer him in the right direction.

In 1955, King founded the Aetherius Society. According to the group’s newsletter, The Cosmic Voice: “The orientation of the Aetherius Society is a spiritual one, since it is definitely known that the mission of the Flying Saucers and their crews to Earth is a spiritual mission.”

Other Venusians soon came telepathically calling—in addition to a legion of cosmic masters (including Jesus)—who enlisted King into something called the Great White Brotherhood. Although it sounded like a Ku Klux Klan chapter, the Great White Brotherhood was actually a group of ascended master good guys that have been engaged since time immemorial in a war against a legion of black magicians whose ultimate aim is to enslave the human race. Not good!

To battle against this subversion, King created what became known as “prayer batteries” that store up to 700 hours of “spiritual energy” (for a whopping 10,000 years!) that can be held in reserve and later put to use in making the Universe a safer place, which is always a good thing!


Aetherius Society members tapping into spiritual energy to juice up a prayer battery. (Photo: Douglas Curran.)

Not all of King’s interplanetary interactions were of the telepathic type. In You Are Responsible! (1961), King recounted a trip to Mars (actually to one of the moons of Mars, if you want to get technical) where he entered a room he apparently didn’t belong in and red lights started flashing (Warning! Warning!) Soon King found himself in the crosshairs of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later ray gun wielding dwarf from another planet! After being ray gun blasted by the dwarf and sustaining life-threatening injuries, King was able to psychically propel himself back to London and—with the aid of some “excellent spiritual healers” —return to optimum health in no time flat.



On a return trip to Mars (not just one of the Mars’ moons, but actually Mars this time), King attended the Martian General Assembly where a somber discussion ensued regarding a mysterious asteroid that posed a threat to the red planet—and Earth as well! This asteroid was the same place where King had encountered the ray gun wielding dwarf in the room where he shouldn’t have been. Apparently, a Martian scout ship had been sent to investigate the asteroid (or moon, or whatever you want to call it) and ended up being destroyed. Long story short, the Martians agreed that they needed some sort of retaliatory response to this evil dwarf asteroid, and King volunteered his services since he already had insider knowledge on the subject of evil dwarfs and the asteroid they rode in on.

As part of this tactical operation, King recruited his telepathic Venusian friends and along with the Martians formed an Earth/Mars/Venus alliance that destroyed the evil asteroid and the ray gun-wielding dwarfs along with it. Unfortunately, 174 Martians died during the course of the conflict, but Earth was saved (and that’s all that really counts.) 1


Despite all of these interplanetary heroics, George King was later taken to task by TV star Jackie Gleason on an episode of Long John Nebel’s Party Line:

GLEASON: How are you?

KING: Very well, thank you.

GLEASON: Are these people from outer space friends of yours?

KING: I believe that they are friends of mine, yes.

GLEASON: Could you call upon them for assistance? For instance, if you were in some sort of legal difficulty, embracing some part of their recognition of you, would they come to your aid?

KING: Under those circumstances, they would help, yes.

GLEASON: If I were, for instance, to say to you that you are a bare-faced liar, now you know you could sue me for libel, right?

KING: Yes yes.

GLEASON: Now you think you could get any legal assistance from them in a case like this?

KING: No, I don’t.


KING: Why should they help?

GLEASON: Well, you’re championing their cause.

KING: No, No I’m not. I’m trying to give a spiritual message, which I believe to be good for all people…

GLEASON: Why do we need a spiritual message from someone in a flying saucer? Don’t we have enough from Christ, Buddha, Moses, men like that?

KING: Do we live by those teachings?


KING: You do? Then you’re the first Christian I’ve ever seen.

GLEASON: You mean that no one lives by the laws of Buddha, Christ, or…

KING: I never met anyone.

GLEASON: By the way, do you know that every time you are uncertain when you say something, you cough? Do you know what that means psychologically? In other words, you cough every time you tell a lie.


GLEASON: Now George, look at the juicy opportunity you have. Here’s a guy that you’re talking to that’s got a lot of dough. You can sue me for maybe a million dollars, and maybe get it. All you have to do to get it is to bring one of your friends from Mars to OK this thing. And then you win.

KING: I’ve already answered this question. There isn’t a man on Earth who could do this.

GLEASON: In other words, you have absolutely no proof from these people whom you are championing? You have absolutely no backing from anybody in outer space for what you say?

KING: Just a moment please. Just one minute.

GLEASON: I’m waiting, and cough a little bit.

KING: I shall put this phone down in a moment.


KING: I’m a guest here, you see.

GLEASON: Not in my house, you’re not a guest. I think you’re a phony!

KING: C L I C K ! ! 2


Gleason’s dressing down of George King notwithstanding, the Aetherius Society continues to flourish, which is evident to anyone who has attended one of their Operation Prayer Power battery-charging sessions that “combine dynamic prayer, Tibetan mantra, and the science of radionics” as a “potent new tool against disease and suffering on earth.” According to Aetherius Society propaganda:

“For two hours, (Aetherius members) join together in a powerful ritual, using dynamic prayer, eastern mantra, and mystic mudras. The Energy they invoke is collected and stored in a radionic battery. These charging sessions continue week after week, filling each battery with thousands of hours of Prayer Energy.

“Whenever there is a disaster on Earth in need of Spiritual Energy, such as a hurricane, earthquake or war, this store of uplifting healing energy can be released almost immediately through a Spiritual Energy Radiator. This radionic device can discharge a battery in a fraction of the time it took to charge it. This concentrated Prayer Energy is then manipulated by cooperating Masters to the area in need.

“Since we started this Mission in 1973, we have had astounding successes aiding victims of catastrophes and other natural disasters.

“OPERATION PRAYER POWER charging sessions are open to anyone who is willing to expend the necessary effort to learn and practice the Holy mantras used as a powerful way to help humanity.”

1 Gulyas, Aaron John. 2013.  Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist: Alien Contact Tales Since the 1950s. McFarland.

2 Nebel, Long John. 1961. The Way Out World.  Prentice-Hall, Inc. (p. 52).

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