Was Bob Lazar A Swimming Star? The Answer is Yes! (Just Not The One You’re Thinking Of…)

A segment of UFO Twitter wet its collective pants the other day with the seemingly stunning revelation (courtesy of the UFO Seekers website) that Bob Lazar (of Area 51 fame) was not only an alleged world class physicist who worked on reverse engineered ET craft, but in his youth had been a bad ass swimming star representing Dearborn High School in lovely (you guessed it!) Dearborn, Michigan during the mid-1970s during the same period your humble author was smoking reefer like it was going out of style. To announce this potentially startling bombshell of a story, UFO Seekers boldly tweeted:


Above: Game changing tweet from UFO Seekers announcing that Bob Lazar was a certified swimming star. (Not sure what the deal is with the cut-out faces, but it’s like some weird shit you’d see on an episode of True Detectives.)

In the aforementioned article— “Bob Lazar: 1970’s All-American High School Breaststroke Swimming Champion”—UFO Seekers’ Tim Doyle (who I’ll henceforth refer to as “UFO Seeker Tim”) seemed to be suggesting that previous sleuthing on the subject of Lazar’s high school attendance by the late great saucer-head, Stan Friedman, had erroneously misidentified Lazar’s high school in question as W. Trespar Clarke High located in Westbury Long Island, in the great state of New York.

But now it appeared—at least according to UFO Seeker Tim’s apparently groundbreaking reporting—that our old uncle Stan might have got this one wrong and it was time to update Wikipedia!


As noted in UFO Seeker Tim’s possibly game changing blog post, his investigative reporting on Lazar was the “culmination of two years of research…” and he went on to note:

“I always wondered why Lazar now lives in Michigan. It never made sense. California, Nevada, or New Mexico maybe. Especially for a self-proclaimed rocket scientist who works on Black Projects.

By accident, I opened up to other states for my search into Bob Lazar’s high school past. Bam! I found swimming records from a Dearborn Hgh School student named Bob Lazar.

After searching through newspapers I found that Bob Lazar was an All-American Swimming Champion and even set Michigan State High School Swimming Records. It was at this time I hit the gold… I found a picture of Lazar in an article discussing the high school swimming athlete in 1977. Here’s that picture which undeniably verifies I HAVE FOUND ROBERT (BOB) LAZAR.

I uncovered endless articles of his wins, records, and swimming endeavors in Michigan for Dearborn High School. Very impressive! Lazar was an amazing high school swimmer who appeared to have a bright future in College via a swimming scholarship as his dad was even noted as pushing the young Lazar to attend the University of Michigan…”

To further document his  stunning discovery, UFO Seeker Tim posted the news clipping below—ripped from the pages of the Detroit Free Press—although for some unfathomable reason he watermarked it with  ”UFO Seeker” branding, which seemed like a kind of goofy thing to do, but hey that’s just me.


The stunning water-marked photo of “Bob Lazar.” Just not the one you’re thinking of.

Whatever the case, there was no indication in the post that UFO Seekers reached out to Bob Lazar for confirmation on this stunning swimmer story. And while at first glance the photo kinda maybe sorta resembled Lazar to a certain degree,  to my eyes it  wasn’t conclusive by a long stretch—this coupled with the fact that UFO Seeker Tim also tracked down some Dearborn High yearbook photos (from the  alleged Bob Lazar swimming star period) which didn’t look at all like the “UFO Bob Lazar” we have all come to know and love. (But I must admit the red arrows added some dramatic flair to the presentation!)


All of this led me to wonder  if perhaps UFO Seeker Tim had maybe jumped the gun with his brash assertion that it was time to update Wikipedia, so I decided to do a little research of my own and after an extensive —and dare I say grueling two minute google search— I came upon a certain Dr. Bob Lazar  at the following explosive link!

Given this troubling development, I alerted UFO Seeker Tim with the following message:


To his credit, UFO Seeker Tim tweeted back:


So good on him. UFO Seeker Tim.

While I remained pretty much convinced at this point that the only real swimming “UFO Bob Lazar” had ever done was in booze and broads over at John Lear’s swinging Vegas pad back in the 1980s, UFO Seeker Tim still seemed to be sticking to the story until he could receive some overwhelming evidence to the contrary that “Dr. Bob Lazar” (as opposed to “UFO Bob Lazar”) was the actual swimming star who paddled his way to regional fame in the mid 1970s.

To this end, my esteemed research colleague Tim Binnall decided to get to the bottom of this caper once and for all, and tracked down an email addy for Doc Lazar’s office located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, population 15, 785. Tim received the following response:


Below is a larger blow-up of this explosive email!


Even with all of this evidence now revealed, there were still some on the Twitter machine not yet ready to admit what was staring them straight in the face, and it was to those “Bob Lazar Swimming Star Truthers” that  I tweeted the following observation:


Presently, it appears that UFO Seeker Tim’s blog post, which was at this link: https://ufoseekers.com/2020/05/03/bob-lazar-1970s-all-american-high-school-breaststroke-swimming-champion/ is busted, which probably means he is busy updating it to the effect that Bob Lazar was indeed a swimming star… not just the one you might  been thinking of.


Stay tuned for further developments.

Tick. Tock.

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