Robert Renaud and the Space Babes from Korendor!


Robert Renaud presiding over his intergalactic communication center in his parent’s basement.

In July 1961, 18-year-old ham radio operator Robert Renaud was “browsing around the shortwave bands” when “suddenly from the loudspeaker came a very high pitched beep-beep-beep” followed by a female voice: “I am called Linn-Erri, and my associates and I come from the planet Korendor…” After introducing Renaud to the rest of her Korendorian crew, Linn-Erri shared detailed instructions how to modify his radio equipment to better facilitate space communications. 1 Later that year, Renaud received instructions on how to adjust his television set to receive visual transmissions and soon after Linn-Erri appeared on the screen, a beautiful, statuesque blonde possessing the all too earthly dimensions of 37-22-36!


Illustration featuring a buxom space babe from Korendor!

In the early morning hours of December 22nd, 1962, an average-looking car carrying some average looking dudes (Korendorians in disguise) picked up Renaud and drove him to an isolated area where he was treated to a demonstration of an anti-gravity device that levitated a huge rock one hundred feet into the air and then disintegrated it with a ray gun. On another occasion, a Korendorian named Algran-Eltar demonstrated a bullet-stopping device by shooting in Renaud’s direction and then freezing the bullet in mid-air. These were just a few of the amazing things Renaud witnessed, in addition to the requisite starship trip to Korendor. 2


Illustration of a Korendorian craft with contoured bucket seats!

After seeing a write-up about Renaud in Gabe Green’s Flying Saucers International, ufologist Bob Grise (not to be confused with the former Miami Dolphin QB) tracked him down at his parents’ basement in Massachusetts. Grise—a fellow ham radio buff—inspected Renaud’s short wave set-up and observed circuit modifications that “were all appropriate to extend the receiving range.” What Grise found even more mind blowing were ta series of books about Korendor that Renaud had channeled via “automatic-typing”, each single-spaced and roughly 500 pages in length. Grise noted that there seemed to be no inclination on Renaud’s part to profit from his channeled material, and had it not been for Gabe Green discovering and promoting Renaud’s work, he probably would have remained in obscurity.


Korendor script as decoded by Robert Renaud

Renaud maintained a large collection of Korendorian tape recordings, including communications featuring Linn-Erri who spoke with “a kind of hesitancy in speech patterns suggesting a foreign person doing well in English. It had a singsong, melodious quality.” Grise seemed convinced there was nothing fraudulent concerning Renaud and that “something quite out of the normal was going on, whatever it was.” 3


Further images of Bob Renaud’s “Mission control”

The wonderful photos and illustrations presented in this piece were lifted from Flying Saucers Close Up by John Dean. (Not the Watergate dude, but some other dude.)



For more crazy cool contactee stories just like this, you really need to pick up your very own copy of A is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees, available now where ever internet books are sold.

1 Keel, John, 1971. Our Haunted Planet Fawcett. (p. 184).

2 Dean, John, 1970. Flying Saucers Close Up. Clarksburg, WV: Saucerian Books.

3 Clark, Jerome. 2000. . Extraordinary Encounters: An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings. ABC-CLIO Publishers. (p 158-159).

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