Dick Miller’s Favorite Martian


Richard “Dick” Miller (Photo credit: Joe Fex – APEX Research)

At the 1956 Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, Richard “Dick” Miller played taped recordings of Martian Commander Mon-Ka that had allegedly been discovered on blank reel-to-reel tapes in his garage. According to Miller, Mon-Ka possessed “wisdom that is light years beyond the most intelligent person on our planet.” One of Miller’s tapes featured “Mon-Ka’s Prediction”:

“Greetings, people of Earth. I am Mon-Ka. I am what you would call the head of my government. I speak to you this evening from the planet which you call Mars…We, of the Space Confederation…speak now to you, people of Earth. We shall prove our remarks by bringing about an incident which will forever dispel any claims…that would deny our existence. On the evening of November 7, of this your year 1956, at 10:30 P.M. your local time, we request that one of your communications stations remove its carrier signal from the air for two minutes. At that time we will speak from our craft, which will be stationed at an altitude of 10,000 feet over your great city of Los Angeles. This ship will be visible to all of the people, as it will be illuminated by our force fields…People of Earth, it is time you knew the truth…your planet is not ready…May we, your brothers, share the great warmth and friendship of peace, and now, co existence. I, Mon-Ka, have spoken.”


In the run-up to Mon-Ka’s predicted flying saucer appearance, AFSCA’s Gabe Green appeared on Art Linkletter’s House Party on October 29th speaking in glowing terms about Dick Miller’s favorite Martian. When the evening of November 7th rolled around, Angelenos—rife with anticipation—popped some popcorn, pulled out lawn chairs and mounted rooftops with binoculars in preparation for the saucer spectacle soon to unfold. Playing along with the gag, L.A. radio stations KATY and KBIA went off the air at the appointed time. Not to be outdone, news reporter Paul Coates of television station KTTV hired an airplane to go out in search for Mon-Ka’s Martian spacecraft. 1


But alas—like many another saucer prediction—Mon-ka backed out at the last minute and the whole she-bang turned out to be a bust. UFO researcher Max Miller of Flying Saucers International afterwards noted that Dick Miller’s Mon-ka stunt “set saucer research on the West Coast back ten years.”

In the aftermath of the Mon-ka debacle, the Los Angeles Mirror ran an article accusing Miller of having fabricated a short wave radio-flying saucer communication back in 1954 when he was a member of the Detroit Flying Saucer Club. According to UFO researcher and radio personality John Otto:

“I exposed one of [Miller’s] attempted hoaxes here when he was a member of the Detroit Flying Saucer Club. Randall Cox, auto dealer and Miller’s ex-employer, told me by telephone, “Miller told us he had information that on a certain date we were to contact a saucer in a certain area. When we went out there, he had us remain in the car to listen on the radio. Soon we heard his voice. He said he was speaking from the spaceship. He said he could see us on a kind of advanced-type screen aboard the saucer. Later, when he returned to the car, I was suspicious. I got the radio ham who assisted Miller to break down and tell me the whole story. About half a mile away, in an abandoned truck, we found the radio transmitter he had used to cut in on our car radio with his phony message from the spaceship.” 2

Due to these embarrassing revelations, Miller made himself scarce for a while only to re-emerge on the saucer lecture circuit a few years later. By this time, Mon-ka had been replaced by an entity named Kla-la from the Aldeberan planetary system.

For those fortunate enough to have attended Gabe Green’s 1960 AFSCA convention, Miller was on hand hawking actual Kla-la recordings for the low, low price of $4.95 (Cheap.)

Tapes from AFSCA World Report - No 12

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1 “The Mon-Ka Business in Los Angeles.” The APRO Bulletin, Alamogordo, New Mexico, November, 1956.

2  L.A. Mirror-News, November 2, 1956.

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