Gabe Green, The Space People’s Choice


Gabe Green at Giant Rock some time in the 1960s. (Photo credit: Joe Fex-APEX Research)

In 1957, Southern California native Gabriel “Gabe” Green encountered UFO occupants from the planet Korender. Inspired by his otherworldly interactions, Green founded the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc. (AFSCA). During its heyday, AFSCA boasted 2,500 members worldwide and published a newsletter, Flying Saucers International.

Pages from AFSCA World Report - No 10

Throughout the 1960s, Green organized a series of UFO conferences in Los Angeles that featured prominent contactees. At the 1960 AFSCA convention, Green launched his candidacy for President on the Universal Flying Saucer Party ticket, encouraged in these efforts by Rentan from Alpha Centauri. (“Abe in 1860. Gabe in 1960!”) 1

Pages from AFSCA World Report - No 16

Identifying himself as “The Space People’s Choice”, Green’s next political bid came in 1962 for the California State Senate. Although unsuccessful, he reportedly received 113,205 votes, including an endorsement from Nobel Peace Prize winner Linus Pauling. Green made a second Presidential bid in 1972, recruiting fellow contactee Daniel Fry as his running mate on the political platform of “United Universal World Economics.”


AFSCA mobile response unit, circa 1960s.

Gabe and his wife Helen were familiar figures at the Giant Rock Spacecraft Conventions, often decked out in matching otherworldly attire. Helen passed away suddenly in 1970 and afterwards Gabe received otherworldly transmissions to the effect that her spirit had been transported to a Mothership orbiting the Earth.


Helen and Gabe Green at the Giant Rock Interplanetary Space Convention (Photo credit: Joe Fex – APEX Research)


Helen Green posing for pictures at Giant Rock – lifted from Gabe Green’s Thy Kingdom Come Newsletter #4

A broken hearted Gabe spent the remainder of his life attempting to establish interplanetary contact with his dearly departed, but to no avail. In a perfect universe, the two are now reunited aboard that Great Mothership in the Sky following Gabe Green’s passing in 2001.

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1  Flammonde, Paris.  1971. The Age of Flying Saucers. New York: Hawthorn. (p. 144).

Further reading

Green, Gabriel. 1967.  Let’s Face Facts about Flying Saucers. New York: Popular Library.

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