Will Jima, We Hardly Knew Ye


Will Jima from the 1970’s UFO newsletter, UFO Folk

A fellow I’ve been fascinated with for quite some time is Will Jima, probably most well known (in a fifteen minutes of fame sort of way) for a twelve page pamphlet he authored entitled Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? that almost singlehandedly launched the Elvis Never Died Conspiracy.

According to this Elvis Never Died Conspiracy timeline at the Presley Assignment website, Jima’s seminal yet modest sized tome was published in 1977, a mere month after Elvis’s supposed death, and it seemingly spawned a cottage industry of other Elvis Is Alive imitators who continue to this day spreading the Gospel of The King that never died. The Presley Assignment refers to Jima “as a Tupelo based private investigator” and that Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?  was “So obscure, in fact, that it does not become part of the ‘is Elvis alive folklore’ although certainly appears to have been an inspiration and influence.”

Jima’s real name apparently was Alvis Howard according to this citation at Google Books. News clippings from the period state that he was a ship building executive based in Huntsville, Alabama, who quit his job to become a full time investigator of strange phenomena. Other reports state that he lived in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Jima was 41 in 1975, which would make him well into his 80s now, assuming he still roams the Earth.

While Elvis Presley Dead or Alive? was Jima’s major claim to fame, it certainly couldn’t be said that he was a one trick pony, as he had his hand in all manner of fun and frolic, including a three LP set released in the mid ‘70s dedicated to UFOs, pseudo biblical prophecy and the Devil’s Triangle, among other kooky things.

Jima also authored a book or pamphlet called Flying Saucers and Golden Ghettos that appears to be even more obscure than Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?, which was already obscure enough to begin with!


The first installment in Jima’s audio trilogy was UFO Message (1974) detailing his alleged encounter with ETs (who he calls “UFO People”) in November 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. It was on that momentous occasion that Jima had delivered unto him the aforementioned “UFO Message.”

Jima’s encounter apparently occurred at the same location as that of the Pascagoula “abductees” Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, a story detailed in the book UFO Contact at Pascagoula and more recently, Calvin Parker’s recollections of the event in Pascagoula–The Closest Encounter: My Story.


In UFO Contact at Pascagoula there’s a reference to a preacher selling records about “UFO’s and Demons” which some have speculated was Jima. However, according to my friend and Jima enthusiast Rob Mitchell—who turned me on to Jima’s recordings a few years back—the preacher mentioned in UFO Contact at Pascagoula  was actually Rev. Bill Riddick, who produced a startling LP called Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord? that features on its cover not one, but three Pascagoula Monsters!

What Saith

Rev. Bill Riddick’s LP, Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith the Lord?

According to Will Jima in UFO Message:

“The earth was originally settled over 100,000 years ago when inhabitants were brought here from another world in the universe. A civilization far more advanced than the one we have now flourish for thousands of years. This civilization was totally demolished when a nuclear explosion destroyed the planet that orbited Mars and Jupiter causing a cataclysmic upheaval upon the Earth. Continents were shifted, oceans and mountains were formed, the almost total geography of the earth was changed. According to the UFO people, by some unbelievable miracle, a few earth people survived. However, they were few in number and left with nothing but the raw elements to survive under. These small bands of earth people soon adapted to life in an almost animal state. They roamed the earth for thousands of years, until some ten thousand years ago, the UFO people returned to the earth. They had returned after the earth disaster, but had found no trace of the people who had survived and they had waited for the earth to stabilize before they returned to inhabit it again. They said the problem began when some of the UFO people who came back to inhabit the earth began to mix with the more animalistic inhabitants on earth who had survived the catastrophe. thus began the long period of struggle on earth between the mixed strain of inhabitants and the pure strain that came from outer space. The UFO People have kept a hands off attitude towards these opposing forces because they say universal law requires them to do so…”


Later in UFO Message, Jima talks about how he received a series of predictions from his ET robot friends:

“The UFO people said there will be a revelation soon which will have an astounding effect on America and will be the cause for turning America back on to the right path. They said this revelation will come out of the Watergate scandal, will concern former President John Kennedy’s assassination and the energy crisis. They would not reveal more than this, but said that it would occur prior to the two hundredth anniversary of the United States in 1976…. They said I would run a great risk in making all of this information public. However, they said, that although I would run into some great problems that it would be alright in the end. They said that the animalistic forces would go to any length to stop the truth from being told. They said that they did not normally make future events known even thought they had the ability to do so. But, to provide me protection, they would revel certain events that would happen in the future so that when this information was released and these events happened, that people of the world would know the truth. They said the animalistic forces could stop me but they could not stop the events from happening…they said nothing could every stop the truth!”

There’s more predictions on UFO Message which I won’t bother you with now because none of them came true anyway, but the long and short of it was that the UFO People are engaged in a battle against “animalistic forces” who, if I understand correctly, created the energy crisis that was a big deal back in the ‘70s for those of us old enough to remember waiting in gas lines at the time. Even though Jima never came flat out and said it, I get the vibe that the so-called “animalistic forces” he was referring to were probably “International Bankers.”

UFO Message includes of a lot of your garden variety classic UFO contactee themes of how we humans have screwed up our environment with atomic explosions and such, which also has apparently thrown the universe out of whack, and that if we don’t cease with our “animalistic” impulses and stop with all the nuclear testing, then they, the UFO People, will intervene and stop them for us. In fact, we have so befouled the planet that the UFO People sent robots in their stead to interact with us Earthlings because if the actual aliens came here they would soon after keel over due to all the toxins in the environment.

Apparently you couldn’t find Jima’s offerings in record stores. They were only available through the mail, and also were available on 8 track tapes—once again for those of you old enough to remember that ancient audio technology that was invented by gonzo ufologist John Lear’s father, William Lear.



Throughout UFO Message we are treated to the dulcet tones of Jima’s southern drawl, punctuated intermittently with what this reviewer at discogs.com referred  to as a “random generated synth sound (I’m certain it was just an ARP Odyssey with the sample and hold feature) that for some reason gets loud and then fades, and the gets loud again, sometimes at the most inopportune time (sometimes it gets so loud it almost drowns out his voice).”

In these recordings, Jima comes across like a cross between Hal Lindsay meets James Shelby Downard with a little bit of Southern preacher vibe thrown in on the side. In fact, when he starts getting revved up he sounds a bit like JC of Art Bell Coast to Coast AM fame.




Next in this stunning series of albums was Revelation 666 (1975), which features a biblical revelations-numerology trip that relates—according to Jima’s vision—to the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. I won’t even try to explain it further other than to say it all has to do with what the  Jima called “The Number 11 Vision.” You can listen to Revelation 666 here.


Jima’s third and final audio offering was The Secret Sea: Where are the Ships and Planes (1977), which I just posted to YouTube for your possible listening pleasure.



Back cover of Will Jima’s The Secret Sea

The news story below, from the back cover of The Secret Sea, givers a rundown of Jima’s UFO encounter, although if you look closely at the font in the article you’ll see that Jima altered his name—basically pasted his Will Jima handle over his real name, Alvis Howard. In this article, Jima states his UFO encounter occurred in October of 1973 as opposed to what he says on UFO Message that it occurred in November of that year. Jima also suggested on UFO Message that the ETs who visit Earth are robots, but in this news article Jima describes the ETs as having “finely chiseled features, their complexion was almond, their eyes were slanted and they stood around 5-feet-10” and wore “powdery-gray jumpsuits that had no seams.” The article goes on to state that the aliens “were built, in fact, like earth folk, the blonde [woman] rather more so, if you can correctly gauge Jima’s enthusiasm.” In other words, she was a hot alien babe.



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