Andy Sinatra, The Mystic Barber


Andy Sinatra appearing on Long John Nebel’s Party Line

No relation to Frank Sinatra (or at least none that Frank was ever willing to admit!), Andy Sinatra (aka “The Mystic Barber” aka “The Mystical Tonsorial Artist from Brooklyn”) claimed that at the tender age of one he underwent a medical procedure that led to his oh so young death. “It was a wonderful experience,” Sinatra later remarked to a captive reporter from the Fort Scott Tribune. “As they were getting ready to bury me I suddenly came back to life. And from that moment on I knew that I was different!” And oh, how different he was!


Originally from Mars, Sinatra at some point was psychically transported to Earth where he came to inhabit the body of an Italian barber from Brooklyn. However—as Sinatra was quick to point out—his present appearance was quite different from that of the average Martian that stood four feet tall and was covered with white hair and reproductive organs on their heads.

Andy Sinatra with female admierers

Mr. Sinatra surrounded by his many female admirers

Sinatra—an occasional guest on Long John Nebel’s Party Line—claimed he had astrally traveled to the moon, Mars, and the center of the Earth and was famous for adorning his head with what he called a “psychic machine” consisting of a metal band that wrapped around his head. Not only did Sinatra’s headgear function as a telepathic device, it was also a way to prevent malevolent space people from reading his thoughts, sort of an early version of your classic tin foil hat.


Over time, Sinatra’s psychic headgear evolved into a grander version of its original primitive design and featured a beanie topped with something resembling a bazooka. This is the version Sinatra wore on February 4th, 1962, when—with the assistance of an “invisible army of Martians”—he saved the United Nations from destruction (from evil aliens!) by performing a mystical ritual before a group of curious onlookers who wondered who the hell this guy was with the crazy bazooka beanie.


The Mystic Barber at the U.N.

The Mystic Barber’s greatest claim to fame came on September 10th, 1962, when he attempted to make contact with flying saucers on a live broadcast of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. According to Jim Moseley, Sinatra got stiffed for his $100 appearance fee because Sinatra’s performance was “incoherent.”

For more marvelous space age tales such as this, you’d be advised to pick up a copy of “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees.




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