Lee Crandall, The First Human To Ever Visit Venus!


Lee Crandall

Southern California native Lee Crandall was the first human ever to visit Venus…according to Lee Crandall. This momentous occasion occurred on August 31st, 1954, when he was treated to the requisite spaceship trip…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Crandall’s outstanding Venusian adventure began one summer day in sunny L.A. (June 10th, 1954 to be exact) as he was hurrying to catch a bus and bumped into a tall man in a brown suit. Crandall profusely apologized to the brown-suited fellow who then proceeded to vanished into thin air.

Crandall’s next encounter with the incredible disappearing man occurred on June 30th   when to his “utter amazement there in the doorway stood the tall man in brown.  For at least three minutes, he stood there, smiling, then turned at an angle and with a faint whizz sound, vanish again from my sight. By now I began to doubt my own sanity!”

A couple weeks later, the brown suited fellow materialized at Crandall’s workplace and this time actually said something: “Mr. Crandall, I’d like to talk to you outside.” The gist of the conversation was that he—the brown suited mystery man—wanted to be Crandall’s friend. Oh, and incidentally, he was from Venus. When Crandall displayed disbelief, the alleged Venusian stated, “Believe me it is so, and trust in my friendship.” With those words, another vanishing act occurred.

On August 17th, Crandall was awakened in the middle of the night by his doorbell. When he asked who the hell it was calling at such an ungodly hour, a calm, mellow voice replied: “This is your friend, Lee.” Crandall opened the door to discover another similarly brown suited stranger—a handsome fellow around thirty five years of age named Brother Bocco—who explained that he’d come on behalf of Brother Taho (the other brown suited disappearing guy.)  Bocco informed Crandall that his mission was to deliver him to Venus! However, Crandall wasn’t too keen at that particular moment to travel all the way to Venus in the middle of the night, so he declined the offer and Brother Bocco predictably vanished.


Brother Bocco

Crandall’s next encounter occurred on August 27th when Brother Bocco showed up on his doorstep and brought along a scout ship that hovered outside “throwing light in delicate pastel shades, so soft were the upshooting rays that they could only be compared to raised feathers or to petals of an ethereal flower.” Once again the spaceship trip was offered. This time Crandall accepted the invitation and left a note for his parents that said: “Folks, gone to Venus. All is well. Lee.”

Their scout ship landed near a majestic white temple where a large crowd of brown-suited Venusian men had assembled, many of whom were kneeling in prayer. The sea of brown suits parted, as Bocco and Taho led Crandall to an alter where “three important men” performed some sort of Venusian baptism placing Lee’s hand in “a white downy substance they called water.” The three men explained that they were all about Universal Peace and that Crandall would be their “active agent for this Great Universal Endeavor of Understanding, which would soon be revealed.”

A month after his initial Venusian adventure, Crandall was visited by Brother Bocco who invited him for a return trip. En route they passed through a series of “hemispheres,” one of which consisted of “hundreds of beautiful feminine creatures, all blondes, all clothed in white trailing garments, floating in a swimming position…”


While on a “show me” trip, Crandall’s Venusian hosts brought to his “attention large barrels full of feathery like material. They said this was what the ship was made of. This material would be processed and molded into shapes with their hands, then magnetized. They said that magnetism was the propelling energy providing motion for these strange feathery mechanisms…After a complete tour of this strange laboratory we left and once again re-entered the ship, this time dropping below the first plane I had landed on, to a lower plane. This is where the women live. Thousands of them were gathered there assembled in a large open space for the purpose of looking at a man from Earth…They were all around thirty-five years of age, had long brown hair, beautiful eyes, olive skin, large mouth and very full lips. They were simply beautiful creatures…all dressed in white ankle-length garments, long sleeves, with no jewels or make-up…Their leader was introduced to me Sister Sistrano. In very good English she welcomed me on behalf of the group and five of them came forward to greet me, bowing their heads. The leader said that the music I would now hear would come from the humming in unison of these five performers, blending in the most wonderful harmony of vibrant subdued sounds. These continuous vibrations were encircling the planet in one sonorous wave…After bidding these beautiful creatures farewell, we again boarded our ship and moved back down to what I shall call the middle plane of the planet…”

Crandall’s account (published in a booklet called The Venusians) included exhaustive (and achingly ponderous) details of Venusian physiology. At the time, Crandall was studying to become a chiropractor, and so apparently felt the need to share his vast knowledge of human and Venusian anatomy with his readership.


In a 2003 post at UFO Updates, the sometimes contrary contactee Ray Stanford noted that “Lee Crandall delivered a half-used bar of Ivory Soap (with white chicken feathers pressed into it) to his publishers and told them it was a spare piece of Brother Bocco’s Venusian spaceship made of “…magnetized white dove feathers, given in consolation of your spines not being sufficiently crystallized as to enable you to see and approach the spaceship personally…”

Watch Lee Crandall tell his story through the amazing technology of moving pictures!

Read Lee Crandall’s amazing story here!

2 thoughts on “Lee Crandall, The First Human To Ever Visit Venus!

  1. So many questions . . . What became of the mission to transport 1000 Venusians to the Soutgern California desert? If “one of our hours is the same as a day of their time” then why did Buck Nelson report that Venus had 17 hours each day and night that were comparable to ours – and he drew a picture of a Venusian clock to prove it? And where was Orthon?


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