Barbara Hudson & Those Sexy Saucer People


Barbara Hudson posing with plaster models of the “Flatwoods Monster”

At the Giant Rock Conventions of the 1960s (and other ufological outings), Barbara Hudson became a running mate of sorts with Gray Barker and Jim Moseley, forming a trio that average middle America probably viewed with a certain degree of curiosity: Two hard drinking white male Ufologist-Pranksters—one gay and one straight—in the company of a young, attractive African-American woman who claimed she belonged to a secret organization called “The Group.” According to Gray Barker, Hudson “radiated both a dainty femininity and a certain sexiness” amid an “aura of mystery.”  Barker no doubt  helped foster this mysterious aura with his claim that he observed Hudson’s doppelgänger at the 1970 Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, although one could attribute such tales to Barker’s penchant to stretch the truth or, conversely, from seeing double after a few too many nips of demon alcohol.

Hudson’s entrée into the ‘60s saucer scene began when three mysterious men (presumably in black) showed up at her apartment in New York City one evening and informed her that she’d been chosen to become a member of a secretive outfit involved with UFOs. The three mystery men drove Hudson to a remote stretch of Long Island, along the way treating her to a demonstration of exotic ET gadgets. When they arrived at the secluded Long Island compound, Hudson was introduced to other members of “The Group,” a secret alliance of humans and ETs who had joined forces to reveal the startling truth of the flying saucer mystery!

“The Group” was responsible for Hudson’s involvement with the UFO conference scene, and in fact directed her to attend one of Jim Moseley’s conventions so they could “keep an eye on things.” According to Tim Beckley, Moseley’s interest in Hudson was not only UFO related, but the two enjoyed a romantic relationship. Hudson—along with Barker, Moseley and Beckley—traveled to Point Pleasant during the Mothman craze, and some of her activities there are chronicled in Gray Barker’s The Silver Bridge (1970).

Tim Beckley heard many of Hudson’s stories firsthand and felt that she related them with conviction, although—as Beckley informed your humble author—there was no way to verify her claims, all which added to Hudson’s “aura of mystery.”

At one time or another—according to Beckley—Hudson was writing a ufo themed book, which—it appears—was never completed, although an excerpt from Hudson’s book-in-the-works appeared in Beckley’s ufo newsletter from1968 entitled “A Visitor From Saturn?” by Barbara J. Hudson. (Make note of the “J” in her name.)


As I was recently perusing the Jim Moseley memorial site, I came upon a page dedicated to a 2014 “Internet Roast” of Moseley that included this post by long time ufologist Tom Benson, who recalled:

“I initially observed your activities at the National UFO Conference (NUFOC) located in a semi-rundown motel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in 1974, long after you began your chasing Saucers career in 1953. At this Con, you were mainly introducing speakers including Jan Barbara Hudson, author of “Those Sexy Saucer People” (Greenleaf, 1967, Saucerian ?), and hawking back issues of Saucer News…”


Among the most rare of old school ufo books is the aforementioned and wondrously titled Those Sexy Saucer People  (1967) authored by a fellow named George H. Smith under the pseudonym of Jan Hudson, copies of which nowadays are nearly impossible to find and go for in excess of the super ridiculous price of $300 smackeroos. George H. Smith, according to this link, authored a number of saucy adult-themed titles for Greenleaf Press, such as Orgy Buyer and The Sex and Savagery of the Hells Angels, all of them under a variety of pen names, one of which was Jan Hudson.


Back cover of the scintillating and saucy “Those Sexy Saucer People”

Tom Benson’s remarks might lead some to suspect that it was actually Barbara Jan Hudson who authored Those Sexy Saucer People—or that Hudson may have supplied content for the book—which seems entirely possible because, as noted, she was working on her own book at the time. Taking my working theory one step further, Hudson then provided a rough manuscript to George H. Smith, who worked his literary magic on it, as demonstrated on the passage below:


“White slavers from space!” Page 121 of Those Sexy Saucer People

Tom Benson also noted that Gray Barker’s Saucerian (?) Press may have also been involved in some way, which got me to thinking that maybe Those Sexy Saucer People was a project that Barbara Hudson was working on for Saucerian, and then the book was later picked up by Greenleaf Press for mass distribution. (Maybe.)

When I ran my working theory by Tim Beckley—that Barbara Hudson had played some sort of role in authoring Those Sexy Saucer People—he pretty much pooh-poohed the idea, and seemed confident that neither Barbara Hudson or Gray Barker had anything to do with the book, and in fact he vaguely recalled having known George H. Smith, as well as the publisher for Greenleaf, William Hamling, who also published a number of pulp magazines of the period, many of which were not only adult themed but also included science fiction and flying saucers, and that Ray Palmer—who some regard as the father of the flying saucer pulps—had been associated with Hamling as an editor, author and co-conspirator.

Anyway—after Beckley let the air out of my Barbara Hudson Sexy Saucer People balloon—I thought I’d take one more stab at chasing down this mystery and contacted David Houchin of the Gray Barker Collection at the Clarksburg Library to see if he had any knowledge of a possible book that Barbara Hudson had been working on for Saucerian Press at one time or another—or if he was aware of any material in the Gray Barker Collection related to Those Sexy Saucer People. As it turned out, Houchin did indeed possess a copy of Those Sexy Saucer People in all its lurid glory, which is on proud display at the Clarksburg Library, but unfortunately Houchin could find nothing in the files related to Barbara Hudson writing a book on the sexy saucer theme.

But—as fickle would have it—there was a 20 page document in the Gray Barker Collection entitled—you guessed it! — “Sexy Saucer People” that had nothing to do with the book by the same/similar name—or with Barbara Hudson, for that matter. Go figure.

Click here for a PDF copy of “Sexy Saucer People” (not to be confused with Those Sexy Saucer People) courtesy of the Gray Barker Collection.

Thanks to Erickson, a fellow seeker with the Scheme Gene Research Community, who shared the images in this post from the ultra rare Those Sexy Saucer People. Erickson, it should be noted,  has willed to me his copy of the book if he happens to get run over by a flying saucer anytime soon.

For more amazing stories featuring real UFO contactees pick up your very own copy of  “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees while supplies last!

6 thoughts on “Barbara Hudson & Those Sexy Saucer People

  1. I would love to see the complete manuscript for the section of Those Sexy Saucer People
    that is pictured. The book reports that Cordelia Donovan was writing a manuscript that was to be entitled Saucers from Phobos or The Virgin and the Spaceman. It’s too bad that she lived on an era when such experiences could not be chronicled on blogs or e-books.

    Some other sources of information in the book might be more easily found. One chapter tells the story of Bob Renaud who wrote a series of articles for UFO International. Bob was contacted by a woman from the planet Korendor who turned out to be the most beautiful creature he had ever seen – more beautiful than Aura? – and he eventually got a chance to pilot a flying saucer and learn more about the seven inhabited planets.

    And yes, you get the book even if I get eaten by a grizzly or have a Moai fall on me. But I hope to live long and prosper.


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