The Amazing Revelations of Michael X.


Micheal Barton aka Michael X. with his charming wife. (Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

In the mid-1950s, Michael Barton took a pilgrimage to Giant Rock. Inspired by George Van Tassel’s apparent ability to channel ETs, Barton embraced the notion that the universe is composed of “mind stuff” that can transmit thought vibrations. On the historic night of May 22nd, 1955—his gaze fixed determinedly on Venus—Barton projected a “vibratory beam of light” and, using what he called “space telepathy,” broadcast the following interstellar message:


Soon after, a melodious-voiced Venusian informed Barton that he’d received his communication via “Telethot.” Thus began a dialogue between the two recounted in Flying Saucer Revelations (1957) in which Barton’s Venusian informant shared such enlightening nuggets:

The mystic purpose of all created human intelligence is to actively express love, which is the stabilizing power that harmonizes the impelling power of “will.” This brings about a balance – and is the primary law of the entire Cosmos…

Although he occasionally lectured at meetings of Daniel Fry’s Understanding, Barton was a bit of a recluse who adopted the pen name Michael X. to conceal his identity. Through his vanity press, Futura, Barton published a series of flying saucer pamphlets, many of which portrayed the space brothers as all sweetness and light. In addition to standard contactee faire, Barton dabbled in some of the more heretical areas of ufology with titles like We Want You: Is Hitler Alive? (1969), one of the very first books covering the Nazi-UFO angle. It was around this time that things started getting a little weird for the X-Man.

During one of his meditations, Barton received a mental message to meet at a secluded spot in the Mojave Desert for a face-to-face with his otherworldly contacts so they could lay some “important information” on him.  After arriving at the desert rendezvous point, Barton sat waiting his car when he noticed a glint of something in the distance and assumed it was the ET saucer arriving. As he walked toward the object, a sudden sense of dread overtook Barton and an inner voice instructed him to retreat post haste.

Just before he turned around to high-tail it, Barton caught a glimpse of someone partially concealed in the underbrush lowering a rifle, which he now realized was the object that had glimmered in the sunlight. Afterwards, Barton speculated that some Illuminati like secret society had somehow hijacked his telepathic transmissions in order to set up the ambush. Not long after, Barton left ufology in fear of his life to become a UPS driver.

In the early 2000s, Tim Beckley tracked down Barton in regards to republishing some of his old Futura books and Barton consented with the caveat that his Nazi-UFO titles be excluded from the mix. To this end it could be speculated that the perceived threat against his life—which prompted Barton’s sudden ufological departure—was somehow related to Hitler’s flying saucers in Antarctica!

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