Marjorie Cameron, the Scarlet Woman of Revelations

Marjorie Cameron in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

Much has been written regarding the brief but curious partnership between pioneering rocket scientist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, including a magick ritual the two men performed in 1946 called the Babalon Working, the intent of which was to conjure a child in the ethereal realm that would be called down and directed into the womb of a female volunteer. When born, this magickal child would incarnate the forces of Babalon and become the Scarlet Woman of Revelations, symbolizing the dawning of the Age of Horus, the coming new eon.

A young and dapper L. Ron Hubbard

Jack Parsons received explicit directions from the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley, on a ceremony to summon the female participant for the Babalon Working. Not long after performing this Crowleyean ritual, a lightning bolt purportedly cracked outside of Parsons’ home at 1003 South Orange Grove in Pasadena, California, and seemingly out of nowhere Cameron materialized on his doorstep, a striking figure of unusual beauty with fiery red hair. Appearing disheveled, and unaware of how she’d landed on Parsons’ doorstep, the two soon fell into each other’s arms, spending the next couple of weeks in the sack getting to know each other on a more intimate basis. 1 Conversely, Cameron’s description of how she and Jack first hooked up was disappointingly more prosaic, but however their first encounter actually went down, the two began a torrid love affair that ultimately consummated in marriage in October 1946.


Parsons and Cameron in ritual attire

From the outset of their relationship, the specter of flying saucers surrounded Parsons and Cameron’s relationship. While sitting in the garden at Parsons’ mansion one day, Cameron witnessed a silver cigar shaped UFO hovering silently overhead. When she related this sighting to Parsons, he considered it a sign that she was the chosen one with whom to conduct the Babalon Working.


Jack Parsons

Parsons’ life ended with a monumental bang on June 17th, 1952 when he blew himself to smithereens while mixing explosives at his home lab. There are those who suspect that the explosion was no mere accident, and that foul play was involved. Other speculation includes the theory that Parsons was attempting to conjure into existence an elemental being by way of an “homunculus” experiment—an experiment that evidently backfired in a big way. Crowley protégé Kenneth Grant suggested that Cameron—during the course of the Babalon Working—became possessed by malevolent ETs and this somehow led to his demise.


Flying saucers over the Capitol! (Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)

Shortly after Jack Parsons’ death, a swarm of UFOs reportedly buzzed the White House, the Capitol and Pentagon. These were sightings apparently confirmed by photographs, radar and pilot testimony, putting the nation on alert. When Cameron read about this event in the newspapers, she considered it a cosmic acknowledgement of Parsons’ passing from the Earth plane to higher levels of consciousness. According to Cameron’s friend, artist Allen Midgette, “UFOs provided Cameron with a transdimensional link to Jack [Parsons].”


Marjorie Cameron at Giant Rock.

In the late 1950s/early ’60s, Cameron moved to Pioneertown, California, just a stone’s throw from Giant Rock and befriended George Van Tassel. Inspired by the Integratron, Cameron had plans to build a Temple of Thelema on her ranch property that would consist of five interconnecting pods on stilts, serving as a beacon to draw in exotic energies, earthly and otherwise.

According to a poet friend named Aya:

Cameron had her visions out there. And she was going through all that spiritual messaging, and even seeing saucer sightings, and just feeling the energy of the ships and lights following you out there, that was just part of what she was searching for. It had to do with time travel and getting into the other dimension thing, which we’re so sure is there, but you don’t know how to reach it.



“Alien Assemblage”  Channeled work for Marjorie Cameron


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