Bessie Arthur, “The Space Lady of Colorado Springs”

Arthur       Bessie Arthur (Joe Fex/Ape-X Research)


While vacationing in Santa Monica, California, in 1937, Bessie Arthur was out for an evening stroll when a bright star approached at an astounding rate of speed. The star zigzagged around before it stopped and then turned into a “large floating bubble” carrying a “Lady of the Stars.” Bessie was led up a stairway of light into the hovering bubble ship and the Lady of the Stars said: “I am Aura Rhanes, this is Al Padgett (the man on my right bowed), and this is Bernard Kaiser.”

Aura, it turned out, was the captain of the ship, which came from planet Clarion where it was said to be so peaceful they had no need for policemen and were in such outstanding health that there were no hospitals or medicine—even though they occasionally smoked cigarettes. The purpose of their visit was to bring peace and better ways of living to the people of Earth. As Aura explained: “The trouble of the earth people largely lies in their terrific greediness. Through their greediness they are led into various forms of craftiness to satisfy their greed. But how they make me laugh!” (Source: Bessie Arthur, “A Visit with the Space People in 1937.” Mystic Magazine, February 1955.)

 Below are two Youtubes featuring Bessie Arthur’s historical interview with the always ornery Joe Pyne.


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